7 street foods to try in Bangkok

Probably a yearly affair for some while it may also be a first time for others. Bangkok has always been dear to me (yes good and bad experiences) ever since i stepped foot some half a decade ago. After the coup earlier in the year, i was afraid that i couldn't go back to this hospitable and friendly city this year. However, it seems peace has resumed and i felt that it has become safer.

Have you dare try Bangkok's street eats? You'd bee missing alot if you hadn't. Hence i'm here to bring you the 7 streets eat to try while in Bangkok:

1. Crepes

Who would have guessed the french crepes would make its way to Thailand and yes, they do make it really well. Coming in all sorts of flavours and ingredients, all you have to do is shout out the ingredients you want and in 5 mins, a hot piping crepe will be served. Of them all, i like the nutella crepe with egg and banana. 

where to get it: 
1. there are two stalls operating in the day next to Glow Pratunam Hotel along Phetchaburi Rd. It would be hard to miss as a queue would form and you'd smell the buttery batter when you walk near enough
2. there is a shop at the basement of platinum fashion mall 

2. Fried chicken

Crispy on the outside, tender and succulent in the inside. Using local batter, fried out on the streets of bangkok. Every bite guves that crunchy batter texture as well as a large chunk of the meat. 

where to get it:
1. along the streets inside PratuNam Market (directly opposite Platinum Fashion Mall)
2. at Chatuchak
3. random roadside stalls throughout bangkok

3. Bangkok's Fried Carrot Cake

Unlike the ones sold in Singapore, the thai version carrot cake is slightly more salty and sweet. Mashed up into small bits and fried until it is crispy, served with thai chilli sauce. Personally one of my favourite street food around.

where to get it:
1. along the streets inside PratuNam Market
2. along the streets in Chinatown
3. Talad Rot Fai Night Market (next to Seacon Sqaure shopping centre)
4. random roadside stalls throughout bangkok

4. Coconut ice cream

Won't be the first nor will i be the last to rave about this coconut ice cream in bangkok. Served with the husk, coconut ice cream will be scooped into it accompanied by various toppings like nata de coco, atap seed, peanuts and corn). Nowadays there are quite a few stalls selling this, but my favorite would be the one on the far left of Chatuchak.

where to get it:
1. Inside Chatuchak Market

5.  Tom Yum Maggi

This is probably the must try dish of the lot and it is not easy to find. Sprouting up at the far end of Talad Rot Fai (Train Market), almost every local shop we asked there directed us to this place. As the saying goes, wherever the locals eat, it is bound to be good, and i wasn't disappointed.

You can choose your fresh seafood ingredients (prawns, squid, crab, shellfish and even lobster) at the front. The chef will prepare the selected items with this tom yum broth which is so rich and flavorful, and the thai maggi giving the whole bowl of noodles a crunchy texture.

where to get it:
1. Talad Rot Fai Night Market (next to Seacon Sqaure shopping centre)

6. Banana Roti

A replica of our Roti Prata, you can find stalls all over bangkok selling just this particular kind of pastry. Bananas are sliced in a metal tin, eggs cracked and whipped, the roti is fried with yummy butter and the mixture is poured inside the roti. Flipped on both sides till crisp, served with condensed milk.

A good banana roti is one which is crisp on the outside yet cooked inside. Not too oily yet not too sweet. With many push cart stalls all over bangkok, i have my personal favorite. However, there are also those which CMI (cannot make it), do try a few.

where to get it:
1. my personal favourite would be this push stall along PratuNam center selling from the evening to late at night. one of the best around.
2. Asiatique
3. Random streets along bangkok

7. Thai Iced Milk Tea with grass jelly

We all know that thailand is famed for their thai iced milk tea. This place however sells this iconic drink with a twist: by adding grass jelly. On a hot day at chatuchak, its really the perfect drink. To sweeten the drink, the folks here uses thai gula melaka (instead of sugar). very very good!

where to get it:
1. Chatuchak weekend market (section 3)

Hence,  this concludes my 7 street eats to try in Bangkok. I will be back soon with cafes to try in bangkok as well as showing you places to eat in Hong Kong. stay tune! I hope the list above can provide you with a little insight of bangkok. Wanderlust and have fun!

** a point to note: not all street foods should be eaten. First of all judge to see if the stall is clean and if the ingredients are handled properly. Nonetheless, keep an open mind and happy eats.

Do help to share this link if you think this list helps. cheers!


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