Alt Pizza @ Suntec Tower 4

Another chic pizza bar has joined the pizza scene in Singapore – Alt Pizza. Located centrally at Suntec City Tower 4, this one month old pizza place boasts a variety of thin crust pizzas, appetizers and most importantly affordable beers. Probably a similar concept to Spizza and Skinny Pizza, what captivated me was its fuzzy and visually stunning interior (do try to find their ALT name on the ceiling). Best of all, the items were priced reasonably even though it was in town. 


1. Beer (4 Hands)
Something new to me, a new range of beer are being tapped out at Alt Pizza. Learnt from my chef friend that the beer are being supplied by Lost Coast Brewery (and after some research, found that it originates from California).


Great white, tangerine orange and pale ale if i'm not wrong. 3 unique flavours setting them apart from other brews.

2. Frills (Appetizers)
Artichoke and spinach dip (5 hands)
i would say something different. More tapas like, oven baked, the mix of parmesan cheese, toasted galic, artichoke and spinach goes really well with the flat bread. really enjoyed it 

Cheese Fries (3 Hands)
I felt this entree was let down by the lack of cheese sauce. Flavours were also lacking. A pinch of bacons or spring onions would give the dish more punch. Nonetheless, the fries were well fried and crisp. Decent and looks so good you really want to try it

3. Pizzas
Yes and we come to the main part. The Pizzas. Head Chef Matt and his team brings us pizzas which are unique and affordable. Because there were only 3 of us, we couldn't have much, hence our chef friend Chit Pang recommended two -

Truffle Snuffle (4 Hands)


Truffle. Yes! truffle. Who wouldn't like truffle right? So we were bewitched by the fragrant truffle oil sprinkled throughout the pizza. You can actually taste the truffle oil, and it goes well with the white cheese and sausages on the pizza. Worth a try and chef's recommendation won't be that bad right. 

Crabby Ninja (3 Hands) 

Like a ninja, the crab meat were few and far between. More crab meat could have made the pizza alot better. Felt that it was quite good with the complementing flavours of basil and smoked cheddar. so MORE CRABMEAT PLEASE.
**Note: do try their chilli oil. It really goes well with the pizzas but a word of caution. It may be quite spicy (imma not a spice eater). 

3. Desserts!

not much to choose really: either donuts or ice cream

Pizza donuts (3 Hands)

as its name suggests, probably left over pizza dough made into donut. fluffy and light with a chewy texture. The nutella sauce was awesome though.

New Zealand made ice cream (3 Hands)

Tried their new zealand made ice cream (probably imported as the name suggests). The fresh mint was really good. At $4 a scoop, it may be alittle steep, but the quality of the ice cream makes up for it still very average to me. 

Overall Verdict: shauneeie3.5hands
Review: Looking for a pizza place and to chill after work or for lunch? This new pizza bar - Alt Pizza is worth a shot. At around one month old, it is still adapting to its new surroundings, but with cheap beers and a really good offering, i guess it would get more and more popular. Do let me know if you like the place and what other pizzas are worth the try! Good for lunch or dinner. 

Alt Pizza
Suntec CIty Tower 4
Singapore 038983
(Just right next to Tower 4's tax stand)
Opening Hours: 11AM to 10PM Daily

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