Sarnies - 136 Telok Ayer St

around the cbd and looking for a place pass your time? i would recommend this tiny closet cafe tucked away at the intersection of Boon Tat st and Telok Ayer st. Some may even walk past it without realizing but come lunch and after work hours, this cafe is buzzing with activities serving up great comfort food. Yes probably one of the best cafes around the area - Sarnies.


New on their Menu
1. The Churros (3.5 hands)
So fortunate that we were the first few to taste this dish new on the menu. I guess trying to ride on the hype of item. Served with chocolate sauce (VERY GOOD), the churros are crispy on the outside and more doughy on the inside (like ban jiang kuey). Very different yes, but i liked it because it wasn't oily at all. 


Recommended eats
1. THE COFFEE (5 Hands)
Yes, the item which constantly draws me back to Sarnies is their mocha. At S6.50, the mocha served here is slightly charred yet having a sweet after taste, the blend of coffee mixing well with the chocolate. I can truly say it is one of the best around the area.   


2. Sarnies Chocolate Brownie (5 Hands)
You gotta try it to believe. Rich, super chocolaty and moist. Every bite almost melts in your mouth and is complemented by a vanilla ice cream. It's best to share due to its richness. Nonetheless, the must order if i want a sugar rush


3. Risotto (5 Hands)
When the cafe first started with a dinner menu, i was quite hesitant to try. Seldom do cafes serve good dinner items. It took me probably a few weeks later to finally succumb to temptation. 
Yep. served only during dinner, this dish was the highlight. Their risotto is amazing. Its tough to even think of places in Singapore selling good risottos, but the chef made it look real easy. Just how it should be done - saucy in texture, flowing almost like a lava when tilted. Grains are soft yet different from hard enough to differentiate one grain from another. A must try!! I dont think its on the menu - mushroom risotto (i cheated and asked for bacons to be added as well).

Other eats
Chicken and homemade pesto with mixed greens (3.5 Hands)
served during lunch, Sarnies has a variety of salads and sandwiches. It may be alittle pricey, but the portions are large and very healthy. Good for sharing in my opinion.

Cajun spiced kampong chicken in a brown bag (4 Hands)
juicy and tender. the spice goes well with the chicken. the only downside - the portion was too small. 

Belgian mussels in sauvignon blanc (4 Hands)

the iced chocolate (4 Hands)

Overall verdict: shauneeie4.5hands
Review: As a whole, really enjoy my every dining experience in Sarnies. Be it for breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. The people are Sarnies really do know how to work up a storm. Do note that Sarnies serve salad and sanwiches during lunch. The other mains are served during dinner. 

136 Telok Ayer Street.
Singapore 068601
Tel: 6224 6091
(At the cross junction of Boon Tat St and Telok Ayer St)
Nearby MRTs: Telok Ayer MRT, Tanjong Pagar MRT, Raffles Place MRT

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