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Gaest or Gæst is a tiny cafe along McCallum road (directly opposite Amoy Market). Opened by these friendly Danish people, our stomachs were well looked after. Much have been written about its lunch menu which serves up delicious sandwiches, good tasting coffee and imo one of the better iced chocolates around, but. 

Gæst is finally having a dinner menu, and i was fortunate enough to tag along for this Gæst-edmic dinner tasting. Serving fresh, handmade pizzas for dinner, this predominantly alfresco dining cafe is much to be hyped about. 

So here goes: 

Cold smoked salmon & Fennel $19 (4 Hands)

smoked salmon spread over a thiny crusted dough with creme cheese. topping off with some rockets and fennel, really a treat and can do no wrong. one of the must trys!

Zucchini & Potato $17 (3 Hands)

never knew potatoes could go with pizza, but here it is. the zucchini gave the pizza more texture during a bite. if you're a fan of potatoes, do try it. 

ok and half time. feeling full already ? there are a few more to go! but before that let me show how a perfect picture is more important than the food itself (NOT)

here's how wen hui and alex take their instagram worthy shots. #behindthescenes 

Black forest salami & pickled cherry tomaotes $18 (3 Hands)

interesting mix of ingredients imo. the roasted hazelnut was the perfect compliment of the salami and tomatoes, giving this pizza a crushy feel when you eat it. 

Green kale & roasted pork $18 (5 Hands!)

Personally, the best of the lot. roasted pork cracklings! yes they have brought over their pork crackling sandwich and made it into a pizza. how brilliant! the red apple, generous sprinkling of black pepper ensured that there were sweetness and spiciness to subdue the salty pork. Every bite is a charm. The crackling of the pork with the crunchy apples. yes i have gone back a couple more times after that.

and lastly, we come to desserts.

another pizza? Yes! and i love every bite of it.

Rhubarb & strawberry $12 (5 Hands!)

Have always loved good dessert pizzas but they are hard and far to come by. This is one such dessert pizza which is so yummy. spreading rhubarb and adding strawberries, the slightly salty dough does so well with their sweetness. worthy of a try.

Overall verdict: shauneeie4hands
Review: If you're working around the cbd and having a pizza craving, yes this could be the place you can turn too. It might be slightly warm during the warmer days but the pizzas here are really fresh and authentic. The place also serves organic wine ranging from $50 onwards. I've personally gone back a couple of times

Gaest / Gæst
21 McCallum Street
#01-01 The Clift
Singapore 069047
(Just opposite Amoy Market)
Nearby MRTs: Tanjong Pagar , Telok Ayer
Tel: 66340922

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