Hong Kong - 3 other things to do when in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a vibrant city known for its expansive skyline, super foods, luxurious shopping and vibrant night life. I have been to Hong Kong numerous times over past years, mainly for work and a little play. Yet, as you frequent a destination often, it becomes duller and duller. Hence, I changed our itinerary to find out more of the other side of Hong Kong which many are not aware of. So, here goes:

1. Hop onto the Trams at Hong Kong Island

Even on a holiday, our schedules would be jam packed with activities, places to go or food to eat. Rarely do we get to take a few hours off just to feel the city. Yeap. This time, Michelle and I took time off and sat on these electic trams (i have been wanting to do it for some time but time didn't permit me too). People watching, building watching, admiring the city as the tram speeds along its tracks from down town Central to the outskirts.

At only HKD2.30 a trip, i find it a super affordable way to appreciate this old yet modern metropolis (More details here). I was told that there a about 6 different routes. We didn't bother and just took a random tram all the way. it was somewhat a bucketlist checked off. 

2. Visit Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O Fishing village is really just a small, scenic, traditional decades old looking village. I came across this jem of a place on instagram and through google. After asking about it with my Hong Kong friends i knew this would be a good wanderlust day trip in the outskirts of Hong Kong. When i was there, tourists were mostly locals and the folks were all friendly and chatty. We could cover the village in 4 hours but that is because we came over a tad too late. A whole afternoon would be good as there were small lanes that we did not cover. There were small seafood shops, stalls selling very original hong kong snacks as well as a modern Tai O Hotel perched at side of the hill. Good for picture taking 

here's michelle and the Tai O welcome sign. abit small 

it was low tide

amazed at how vast the south china sea can be

crisp and fragrant egglets on charcoal

old sch ootds

3. Visit Cheung Chau Island

Cheung chau island is easily one of the more popular island these days due to the decent HK drama 情越海岸線 (Slow Boat Home). You can easily tell why this island currently attracts so many visitors; its rustic, almost untapped setting. hundreds of fishing boats line the pier, so colorful, making the horizon look spectacular especially during sunset. 

Scale down into the hidden pirate cave west of cheung chau if you dare. Run up to the edge of the cliffs overlooking the south china sea feeling the sea breeze blasting against your body. Enjoy the great eats on the island and explore the small tiny roads which even google maps have no clue of. 

so colorful and its only mid afternoon. more vessels yet to dock

More more info of the places, click onto the links to my individual posts while at Cheung Chau and Tai O. Yes another side of Hong Kong and i hope you'd enjoy exploring these places. 

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