Legendary Hong Kong @ Jurong Point

The moment i was told that a new hong kong styled cha chan ting (茶餐厅)had open in jurong point, deep down, i made myself readily avaliable to try their food. Yes even though it was all the way to the west of singapore! Even better, i was told by rachel (@rachelxie) that the head chefs had almost 15 -30 years of traditional Hong Kong cha chan ting experience each in them. So what's my take on this new Hong Kong cafe striving to be the best in Singapore? read more below.

The setting:

Located at Jurong Point's Mong Kok Street, the familiarity of the walkway reminds you of the streets in Hong Kong buzzing with neon lights. Legendary Hong Kong's interiors are almost reminiscent to the ones in Hong Kong, but one thing's lacking for sure - the waiters who will rush you to order, eat and leave (which is a good thing). The menu too looks Hong Kong styled through and through. Varied selections and you got to be there a few times to know their specialties.

The food:

There were definitely hits and misses in my opinion, and here's shauneeie's review of Legendary Hong Kong, in which i will share below:

The sosos:

century egg congee : was alittle too watery. there were plentiful of ingredients though, thick strips of and large chunks of century eggs. (3.5Hands)

XO carrot cake: was expecting much from their XO fried carrot cakes but was left wanting more elsewhere. Still, worth a try as such a dish can rarely be found nowadays (3.5Hands)

char siew pau: i felt the char siew paus can't compete with the delicious ones sold in other dim sum places. unless you are a pau fan, probably save your stomach space for the hits below (2.5Hands). 

roasted pork: good, but not the best, we found the skin to be a little tough and not crispy enough. i know of other places selling much better roasted pork. (3Hands)

the Hits:

The duck: this duck. specially flown from ireland, roasted by a chef with almost 10 times working experience than me. really tender, fatty and that duckish odour wasn't apparent. i will say a must try! (5Hands)

Har gao: one of the best tasting har gao (chinese shrip dumplings) around. The skin was pleasantly thin and the filling of whole prawn was as delicious as it can get (5Hands)

Bo Luo Bao (Pineapple Bun): after coming back from Hong Kong recently, i was craving for this! however, the ones in singapore really pales in comparison with hong kong's. how i was wowed by this unpretentious looking bun. So crisp on the outside, yet moist in the inside. Adding the butter in it was a bomb. (5Hands) a must try! 

Milk tea: to get a hong kong barista to singapore just to make drinks, the drink should be awesome. This hong kong styled milk tea really did justice to his reputation. Really liked it and comparable to those in hong kong (4Hands)

Hong Kong maggi mee: maggi mee directly from Hong kong. cooked the same way as in Hong Kong. (4Hands)

wanton mee: felt that the noodles were mehhh. but the wanton totally made up for it. really one of the best around. wanton at its best (4.5Hands)

you tiao in chee cheong fun: personally one of my fav dishes of the day. rarely can you get such a dish in singapore anymore. The thinly wrapped chee cheong fun complements the crispy you tiao. the soya sauce adds depth and saltiness into the dish. (4Hands)

french toast: to think the french makes the best toast ? Ney you are wrong. the Hong Kongers do it best. Fried with butter, topped with even more butter and splashing it with lotsa maple syrup. (4Hands)

The misses:

noodles with shrimp roe: when i first sighted this dish on the menu, i thought that for sure it would be a replica of the one at Mak's Noodles. a dish i would go back for in hong kong at Mak's. however, i left disappointed feeling very disappointed this does not do justice to the original in hong kong. (1Hand) :(

Overall verdict: shauneeie4.5hands
Review: I feel that it is must try due to its duck, wanton and bo luo baos. Those dishes alone will make me go back again and again to legendary hong kong. Lets hope the standards remain.
Price: Depending on the dishes you order, can go as low as $10 a pax to around $30 a pax.

Legendary Hong Kong
Jurong Point 2, Level 3
Inside JP's Mong Kok Street Shopping Area.
Nearby MRT: Boon Lay MRT

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