Sunday Folks - a sunday people's ice cream cafe

From the same people who brought you Creamier (the tiny ice cream shop below one of the blocks along Toa Payoh Lorong 1), Sunday Folks is a more upscale(yep more expensive), more spacious (but still no place to sit) and differentiated (they serve softserves instead of the usual ice creams you get) ice cream shop. In an already overpopulated ice cream area, these people from Sunday Folks are putting up a tough fight!

Serving 6 flavours: Dark Chocolate, Earl Grey Lavender, Roasted Pistachio, Madagascar Vanilla, Summer Straberries, SeaSalt GulaMelaka through a tin walled dispenser, you get to choose to eat it from a cone, waffle or cup. 

like i said, the soft serves really comes out from this tin like looking wall.

Roasted Pistachio (4 Hands)

actually liked it. pistachio wasn't very overpowering and the stick was crunchy. However, like i have been saying since my first visit here, the cones were super meh... almost to an extent lao hong(stale) texture. 

Earl Grey Lavender (3 Hands)

Probably its my preference that earl grey is not my cuppa tea, but this soft serve lacks flavor and melts far too easily on the waffle. 

SeaSalt GulaMelaka (5 Hands)

personally, my favourite flavour of the lot. I already liked it over at creamier, but this soft serve style is really good too, better than the original imo.

Summer Straberries (3 Hands) 

we added some seasalt honeycomb($1.90) toppings (yes, we thought it was really overpriced) and it really helped to enhance the flavour of the somewhat dull tasting strawberry ice cream.

Overall verdict: shauneeie3.5hands
Review: Besides the GulaMelaka soft serve, i found nothing fantastic about the other flavours. But if you're a soft serve fan (much better than our 60cents macdonalds cone), go over and try. Its still good but i am somewhat comparing these to the heavenly soft served i ate at Via Tokyo in Hong Kong (soon to be posted). Still, i'll recommend to try as tastes differs. Go during off peak hours because the queue can be crazy during peak hours and the service is kinda slow. 

Sunday Folks
44 Jalan Merah Saga 
#01-52 Chip Bee Gardens
Singapore 278116

Closes on Mondays and opens til 10pm 
Nearby MRTs: Holland Village

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