Wild rocket @ Mount Emily

rejoice, fans of Willin Low. After a short hiatus, wild rocket @ mount emily has reopened; this time with a more japanese fusion theme. In my opinion, i feel that willin serves up great desserts, but when it comes to mains, i am usually not very impressed. Hence when i heard of their reopening, it was listed on my must try places.

This time, we opted for the ala carte menu (yeap they have a set menu for $72 per pax and a omakase 8 course for $118).

The mains:

Iberico pork char siew with shanghai kao cai & quinoa.
in simple terms, it is thinly braised pork with kai lan and a kind of barley. To make the dish look that presentable, a thin layer of vietnamese rice paper covered the dishes.

shaunneie opinion: (3.5hands) as a whole the dish was good. i can say the braised pork is one of the best i've eaten. tender and very flavorful. The mushrooms were also done nicely. I cant say much for the quinoa though, blend and tasteless. Probably had to go together with the meat in one bite, giving the mouthful more texture.  However, this cost $40 (yes crazy in my opinion. I WASNT EVEN 1/5 full after going through the entire dish). Otherwise, it is really worth a try.

Laksa pesto pasta 
as michelle as ever, she chose something from the old menu. the pesto laksa pasta. I remembered trying this dish way back when wild rockets first opened. the vague memories couldn't give me a comparison, but we both agreed that the one served was utterly disappointing.

shauneeie opinion: (3Hands) the pasta and the laksa pesto weren't fused together. you could feel that the taste comes separately. very much too dry and more oilve oil should have been used. other than that, the curry flavour was very distinct. Not really worth the price.

The desserts:

wild rocket strawberry cheesecake
a wise man once said: don't change something that is not broken. how right he is.
having had this beauty of a dessert since its inaugural launch, the excitement it brings to my tastebuds stills hold today.

shauneeie opinion: (5Hands) hands up for one of the better desserts around. deconstructed cheese cake. layered and fresh. the cheese definately goes well with the sweet yet sour strawberries, with the biscuit at the bottom giving the dessert a very grainy texture. I wouldn't mind coming back just for this.

pandan infused panna cotta with salted gula melaka
holy, it was love at first taste. yes we all know how these flavors can come about. but for chef willin to balance the flavour of the pandan, the sweeness of the gula melaka and a tad of saltiness left me speechless.

shauneeie opinion: (5Hands) so so so good. i'd come back for this dish anytime. The pandan was well infused with the mix. you can see how much residue is on the surface. The salted gula melaka on the side is naturally the best compliment for the dish.

overall verdict: shauneeie4hands
review: will be back for their omakase (see below). was slightly disappointed with their mains but the desserts more than made up for it. an appetizer or two will help to appease your growling stomach as the portions are really tiny. worth a try, will go back for the desserts but not for the mains.
additionally, don't say i never tell you, make a reservation in advance ;)

one will seek only when on the chef's table (i'll be back)
Wild Rocket @ Mt Emily (Hangout Hotel)
10 A upper Wilkie Rd
Singapore 228119
Tel: 6339 9448
nearby MRT: doby ghaut (quite a long walk up mt sophia)

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