Char - casual cantonese dining @ Guillemard

I have been wanting to whip up a post on this place for some time. Finally, and pushing my lazy bones to do so, this post will be again on chinese cuisine, but this time on a this tiny unpretentious Cantonese restaurant at Guillemard - serving good (an understatement) char siew.

Ever since i tasted that melt-in-your-mouth char siew in Kuala Lumpur those years ago when I was young, I felt that Singapore char siew pales in comparison. After hearing many positive reviews that a place in Singapore finally can match that standard, i die die also had to try. So here's how it turned out at Char casual dining:

fried rice
that famous char siew
hot and sour soup
roasted pork dips with mustard
soy sauce chicken

Overall Verdict: 4 Hands. As its name suggests - Char, be prepared for charred caramelized char siew and many other meaty dishes. Obviously the char siew was a win to me hands down. Simply the best tasting char siew yet in Singapore. A tad too oily, but oh so good, 500g of it won't be enough for your family i can bet. Apart from the char siew, I seem to find a liking for the soy sauce chicken. Tender and flavourful, cooked in that canto way which makes the chicken taste so juicy yet just nice. The parents had a liking for the roasted pork, but IMO I tasted better ones. The duck wasn't that good, tough and served lukewarm, probably not the best of places to eat this. Good for a family dinner, a family can order a mix of 3 meats with an additional plate of char siew. A soup and a vege would be just nice. Also, don't say i never warn, the queue these days for char is pretty long, be patient (or you can go next door to the tuckshop to have a drink while queueing). 

Ch叉r Casual Dining 
393 Guillemard Road
nearby MRT: Dakota
Prepare to spend: $20 per pax

can't resist another take on these awesome char siews
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