A Guide to contemporary Hong Kong eats - 6 more reasons to visit this city

My previous post on HK was on traditional HK eats. This time, i will be writing on places that are more contemporary: cafes, bistros, chic restaurants and popup eats. Here are 6 more places you can chew in Hong Kong. Continue the yummness!

1. Bai Wei Noodles (百味食品 ) 4 Hands

Seems like they have outlets in a couple of places, but i usually frequent the one at Nathan Road inside Argyle Centre. These are cold noodles, where you can choose the sauce and the ingredients. After selection, the shopkeeper will mix the noddles thoroughly and put it in this ready to go bag. The noodles' texture are well balanced. The flavours of the sauce makes the dish very appetizing. very yums!

Bai Wei noodles
688 Nathan Road
Mong Kok
nearby MTR: Mong Kok
(take exit D2 and enter the building, it is on the ground floor)

2. Golden Pond (4Hands)

This tiny shop selling seafood in the Alleys of Fortress Hill sells really good and fresh seafood. It was almost 10 years ago which i first visited this shop and i finally found my way back here again. Hospitable shop owners who gave us a free plate of snails knowing that i am a foreigner who came in search of their yummy seafood. Try the baked potato and cheese oysters and the yummy crabs!

Golden Pond
Shell Street
nearby MTR: Fortress Hill

3. Little Bao (5Hands ++)

This tiny restaurant perched at the top of Stauton Street serve up a treat. Don't say i never warn, start queuing 15mins earlier at 5.45 to catch the first seating. At 6 sharp, the shutters of Little Bao goes up and the chefs in front of us will start preparing the meals. 

From their appetizers to the dessert, every item we ordered were well done and looking utterly presentable. Their truffle fries were a killer as well as for the dessert ice cream bao. Need i say more?

Little Bao
66 Staunton Street, Central
nearby MTR: Sheng Wan / Central (20 mins walk up the steep slope)

4. Cafe R & C  (3 Hands)

Yes finally a cafe to recommend! This cafe along Haven Street is reknown for their classy artwork lattes as well as 3D lattes. The talented barista working there can whip out many different kinds of design and shape which left me impressed. The drinks though were average. I guess the selling point are the funky latte designs. Nonetheless, the the food items we tired were quite good. Great for a afternoon cuppa of coffee. Do note that there may be a queue due to the small size of the shop

Cafe R& C
22 Haven Street, Causeway Bay
nearby MTR: Causeway Bay (15mins walk)

5. Via Tokyo (5Hands)

Via Tokyo is probably the best matcha ice cream you can find around HK and even Singapore. Haven't had another scoop quite like it. I wentback 3 times during my short stay in HK. Smooth, creamy and milky, yet you are not sick of it after having a cup full. Queue can snake behind the alley but i was fortunate to go during non peak hour. 

Via Tokyo
126 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
(Corner of Haven Street)
nearby MTR: Causeway Bay

6. The Chairman (5Hands ++)

I probably can do a single post for this restaurant but i won't. The Chairman - from the outside, you wouldn't recognise it as being a restaurant. Inside, its posh and slick yet traditional feel is typical of a chinese restaurant anywhere in the world. But, to even be able to have lunch on a weekend here, we had to reserve two weeks before. We can't even change the timing because they are fully booked one week on. So what's the hype? Good food of course. (be prepared to spend *hint*hint) 

The Chairman brews different types of soup on different days. On that day, we had this bamboo shoot, barley and pork soup. Subtle, but really kicks your palate... How can i not be wowed by this dish. 

The pork ribs - tender, succulent. The sauce was amazing. Very good dish, but comparable with the best ones in Singapore.

The dish we came here for. Hua Diao Crab. Simply the best crab dish i have eaten thus far. The aged Hua Diao differs so much from elsewhere. That broth with the sweetness of the flower crab made the chee cheong fun one of the best staple to eat. We took almost an hour to savor this dish. Although its just a flower crab, it comes with a hefty price tag, but do not be daunted. One of the more enjoyable eats i had in HK. 

Even though we were beyond full, we decided to give their home made ice cream a try because of the authenticity. Osmanthus jelly ice cream - initially i doubted how the ice cream was gonna turn out. After a single scoop, i ordered another one. Taking ice cream flavors to another level
The Chairman
18 Kau U Fong, Central
(very near Lin Heung Tea House)
nearby MTR: Sheung Wan

So this concludes my list of 6 more places to have really good food in Hong Kong. Hope y'all agree too and note that good food in Hong Kong is inexhaustible. Till my next visit Hong Kong - gonna eat dem all! Below are other small eats that I tried here in Hong Kong. Do you know them? Till another time. 

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