Babette Restaurant & Bar @ Tyrwhitt Rd

A short post today on my recent visit to this restaurant and bar at Tyrwhitt Rd. Opened by DJ Towkay, I saw pictures on instagram on their greenish lava cake and was lucky enough to have a taste of it myself. So how was it? 

Due to the poor lighting at night, I couldn't capture good shots of the food. Thank goodness for it as the mains were very mehh. First, we had the Babette Chirashi Donburi (2Hands). Was quite disappointed to get such a small portion (yup more rice than sashimi) despite its price (roughly around $20). Definitely not the best around.

Next up, the Duck Confit Donburi (3Hands). Although the duck was nicely done, tender and crisp, it comes with rice. Seriously, i dont think rice compliments well with duck confit IMO.  For $28, it was a came with a heftly pricetag and I left to rue its misses.

this Salmon & Soba (3Hands) was very average. More arrangement than culinary skills. Seemed like the mains didn't hit it well with the group of us. Thankfully, although the mains weren't fantastic, Babette had something up their sleeves which were their desserts. 

Probably their specialty, the Matcha Lava Cake (4Hands) and the Chocolate Lava (4Hands) cake saved the day. Some might find the lava cakes too watery, but it felt that the matcha was real good. It takes skill to create such a good yet not that sweet dessert. 

To end things off, we found this craft beer rather pleasant. To girls out there who dislike the taste of beer, this Yuzu(a sour citrus fruit) Beer will be your next best friend. A great concoction, going well with the truffle fries

Overall Verdict: 3Hands. Great for dessert and drinks. It seems that their mains need plenty of improvements to attract the crowd. Worth a try due to the lava cakes, simply photo worthy and fit for the stomach. 

Babette Restaurant & Bar
#01-03, 165 Tyrwhitt Road
Parc Sovereign Hotel
nearby MRT: Lavender (15mins walk)

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