Dancing Crab @ the Grandstand

How this place is being widely hyped, i have no idea. In the press, among write ups, it seem that dancing crab is the place to be at. Located at the furthest of places, the old turf city, now called the grandstand, Dancing Crab is a restaurant serving eat on the table style louisiana seafood.

A noval idea, serving boiled seafood, with different sauces, served on the table. You eat it with your hands, barbaric, brutish, messy. So whats my take on this place?

lobster combo with herb sauce

dungeness crab combo with beurre blanc

sri lanakan crab with zesty garlic butter

the crabs themselves

Overall review: 3 Hands. I'm a fan of seafood. I have eaten in other similar concept restaurants and i found Dancing Crab very average in my. Can't understand why people are willing to queue so long for this. Yes, a noval idea of simple classic seafood eats, but Dancing Crab didn't excite my taste buds as i might expect. The sauces were average tasting,

1. Herb Butter - too oily in my opinon, the herb just did not blend well with the seafood, rather disappointing compared to the one at Cajun Kings

2. Beurre Blanc - This chilli like wine sauce, unique i can say.

3. Zesty Garlic Butter - Similar to herb butter, with more garlic flavour. My choice of sauce amongst the three.

I found that the sauces did properly fused with the seafood. Eating the the dish was akin to eating the seafood, and having the sauce separately. Also, to us Singaporeans, The Sri Lankan Crab should be big, like the ones in the picture above, yet, we were served a sri lankan crab which was small and unconvincing. Nonetheless, with only a few such places places serving these boiled seafood, it is worth a try to get your hands dirty, as well as working hard for the sacrificed seafood.  

Dancing Crab
The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road
nearby MRT: none (Botanical Gardens is the nearest)

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