Frozen - by a thousand blessings @ Toa Payoh Lorong 1

If you were to ask me half a decade ago that my hood of Toa Payoh would be the in place for cafes, i would have thought that you might be crazy, i guess, most people would too. Fast forward today and guess what? Another of many cafes is sprouting out in this vicinity - yogurt fans rejoice!

Frozen by a thousand blessings, a yogurt shop from Melbourne has landed on our shores in Singapore. Located at Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, a block opposite from Creamier, and is fast getting its fair share of regulars. 

Frozen's yogurt is more creamy, a mix between Sogurt and Yammi. Coming in 6 different flavours : Green Tea, Mango & Soy, Coconut, Pomegrantate, Chocolate and Original

The yogurt here are self served. At $3.80 per 100g, you take a cup and dispense as much as you would like. You can mix and match, but i found that their pairing on the machines are the best. Yes, the price is a little steep, but for that quality of yogurt, it is worth it (nontheless, eating everyday though will burn a hole in your pants). 

After dispensing, walk over to sprinkle some toppings. With over 20 different types of varieties, you'd be spoilt for choice. However as always i stand my ground that these toppings shouldn't be put out in the open. The toppings will go LAO HONG (leak air). 

Lastly, add some sauce if you might - chocolate, hazelnut and original. As always, imma chocolate fan so chocolate works well for me. 

Overall Review: 4Hands

1. Green Tea (5Hands)
2. Mango & Soy (4Hands)
3. Coconut (3Hands)
4. Pomegranate (5Hands)
5. Chocolate (4Hands)
6. Original (4Hands)

Having tried all the flavours, i found the green tea and pomegranate most appealing to my buds. Frozen's originals is good too, but i am still a fan of sogurt's original yogurt. The chocolate is good, nonetheless, i like my chocolate ice cream instead of yogurt. Coconut tasted weird to me, still its worth a try. It could be the differing taste buds. 

A cup above cost around $7. Like the owner describes, as a rule of thumb, half cup is equivalent to 100g - so let your tummy imagine. 

Frozen by a thousand blessings
Blk 126 Toa Payoh Lorong 1
Singapore 310126
nearby MRT: braddell

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