Katanashi @ Boat Quay - Japanese styled tapas

The first thing on my mind when i was told that we were having japanese food at Boat Quay - crazy price and sucky food. How my impression of this place flipped from condemnation to walking out full of praise of their food; yes, i finally found another japanese joint besides sushi bar which is affordable and i can rave about. Surprisingly too, there were more japanese than locals during my visit (wink wink).

Tucked away at the far end of Boat Quay, Katanashi serves tapas styled japanese food; that is how they entice you to order the best part of their whole menu, which we approvingly obliged.

Hanpen Cheese (5Hands)

I can safely say its probably our favourite dish of the night - the hanpen cheese. Fish cake, deep fried till crisp, with an inner filling of melting cheese. Coupled with this mentaiko sauce, the flavours were irresistible. 

Potato Croquette (4Hands)

A dish so simple, yet many restaurants fail to replicate. Katanashi however does it real good. Probably a very good batter being used, but the mashed potatoes and cheese inside is top class. 

Maguro Tataki (3Hands)

The group liked it but i felt the maguro was kinda mehhh. What enticed me was this cumbersome jelly on the maguro. Ponzu the waiter shouted, ahhh another exotic japanese ingredient i said. Seems like its a kind of citrus soy sauce made into jelly. Intriguing, but good. The dressed onions, so good i ate them all up. 

King of Cream Cheese (2Hands)

Didn't like it. The bread/biscuit/croutons or whatever you call it was cold and tough. I've tasted better cheese so imo it wasn't a great dish. Lets move on. 

Sashimi Salad (3Hands)

the dressing was good and I can find nothing special about this dish.

Japanese beef Carpaccio (4Hands)

Ain't a beef eater so the opinion is based on the group's feedback - An alluring aspect of japanese cruisine: beef. a particularly good dish, thinly sliced, with a great texture. One miss could be that too much ume mayo was used on our plating, overpowering parts of the beef. Nevertheless, another recommended dish here. 

Tako wasabi (4Hands)

A dish which divided opinions. I feel that you will either love this or hate it (well i simply liked it!). Octopus marinated in some special sauce, very slimy, very raw. The fresh wasabi gave the dish that kick and a spoonful of it into my mouth made my taste buds jump with glee. Exciting, bashful. 

Tuna Cutlet (4Hands)

My favourite maguro, sealed and fried with bread crumbs. Crispy exterior, raw interior. The wasabi tar tar was the bomb. It all fits perfectly.

K.F.C (2Hands)

We probably had too high an expectation for this dish. The drumlets were so tiny and at $2.2 a piece, I felt it wasn't worth it. Served pipping hot, but lacking in flavours, tenderness and juiciness of their korean counterparts. Thumbs down for me. 

Seared Shime Saba (4Hands)

A novelty i guess. The waiter plates the dish down, and we were ready for the act - Switching on that bottle of a blow torch, the mackerel was given a real blowing (haha). Scorched nicely, as you can taste that burnt outside with the fishy inside. 

Scotched Salmon (5Hands)

Another performance, this time with salmon. One of the highlight dish of the night. A piece of that finely burnt salmon top, adding the freshly made wasabi, seaweed and greens, A mouthful is so delightable. Nonetheless, i felt that if the salmon can be burnt together with the mentaiko sauce on top, it would bring the dish to another level (one can only wonder and dream).  

Okonomiyaki style Omelette (4Hands)

Omelette fans rejoice! You ain't forgotten in this jap restaurant. Serving really good omelette with shrimps, pork and yam. The mayo and fish flakes complemented the dish well. And, its quite cheap at $8. Who says you can't find good eggs in a japanese restaurant! 

you got your own reservation card too! what service =D

Overall review: 4hands. So tempted to give it 5 but there were dishes that weren't that fantastic. Nonetheless, a gem of a find in the heart of boat quay. That japanese styled ambience with really good traditional japanese tapas. Portions are really small so its best to order more. Good for a group of not more than 4. I'd recommend the Hanpen Cheese and Scorched Salmon. 

77 Boat Quay
Singapore 049865
nearby MRT: clark quay, raffles place
prepare to spend: $30 - 40 per pax

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