Lola's Cafe @ Simon Road

Just a short random post on Lola's which we visited during the weekend. I can't believe people will actually queue for as long as 2 hours for this? My last visit here was when there were lesser souls around the estate, when even on a sunday afternoon, I would be able to choose the seats i want. Sadly, this isn't the case now. As you can see, it was sometime ago and I finally made the time to review this popz cafe.

Cheese Fries (4Hands)

Generous with their cheese, the fries were unexpectedly one of the better dish here. Almost finished it on my own. 

Mushroom and cheese toasties (3Hands)

Hole in the middle of the brioche, stuff it with cheese and mushrooms. Stuff more cheese and bake it in the oven til toasted. I think even my sister know how to make it ?

Wings (4Hands)

Justifiable that their best dish is the one being that is being madly raved about. The wings - deep fried til golden brown, glazed with honey and a sprinkle of herbs. At S9 it is probably quite reasonable and worth the pocket. 

Breakfast Croissant (3Hands)

Very average in my opinion. The croissant were not as fragrant and flaky as I remembered it to be. The eggs were in need of a tad of salt and pepper. The bacon which was once crisp turned out soggy. It's probably my taste picky taste buds, but i expected much more of this dish.

overall review: shauneeie3hands. I do not understand why on earth do people queue up for 2 hours for this? Yes the fries are good, the wings favorable, but other than that, i didnt find anything worth going back for. The service staff were great though! Despite being shorthanded, were able to keep the queue and diners under control. 

Lola's Cafe 
5 Simon Road
Singapore 545893
nearby MRT: kovan

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