restaurant SELA - where west meets east

restaurant SELA - an almost 5 month old restaurant at the heart of the city, serving up a range of afforable contemporary modern cuisines whilst pairing them with wine and award winning japanese beers. 

Its setting - a simple yet modern furnishing, bricked walls with a huge bouquet of pandan leaves relatives. 

the menu

the starters/tapas

with a range of starters (aka tapas) as well as mains, you'd be spoilt for choice depending on the capacity of your stomach.

Carpaccio of Scallops (5hands)

drenched in thai fish sauce, a tad of chilli and topped off with a generous portion of roe, these scallops, freshly flown from europe were a treat to the palate. the tiny serving however can only feed 2, so order more or be left wanting. 

Miso Squid (4Hands)

Perfectly cooked, another tapas dish which hit all the right notes during the night. More Salmon roe on display and great combination of the miso sauce to complement the grilled squid. 

Salmon Skewers (3Hands)

A tad too fishy imo, but was overall well seasoned and cooked. The grape relish represented a different approach to the previous tapas dishes and tasted great with the salmon, musking its fishy after taste. 

Grill Asparagus w para ham (4Hands)

An ensemble of ingredients which made the whole dish look so exciting. You slit that poached egg - the oozing of the egg yolk onto the vinaigrette mixed rockets. Wrap some parma ham onto your fork and into your mouth. A dish worthy of its price.   

the drinks 

Oh yes. the best part of the place is their awesome mix of Japanese craft beers. Selected to complement your order of food, the table wholly agreed that the swan lake beer was the best. Tried them yet? I bet you haven't! 

the mains 

Herb crusted rack of lamb (4Hands)

Tender, juicy and every bit of what you expect from a good rack of lamb. I can vaguely taste that overwhelming odour which made it even more appetizing.   

Baked Miso Chilean Seabass (3Hands)

Even from Chile, the seabass had that overpowering fishy taste. Couldn't give it a second bite.  I'm really not a fish lover. Nonetheless, Shiqian complemented on its texture. Salmon roe appeared again. Wondering if it is a staple for most of their dishes? 


Gula Melaka Creme Caramel (3Hands)

A generous douse of gula melaka to compliment the creme. Some salinity would have made the dish more appealing. Otherwise, it was a good dessert to end the meal.

Lemon Cheese Tart (3Hands)

Great flavours, a blend of cheese and cake with lemon curd on top. To top if off, more lemon sauce is drizzled onto the plate to make it moist. 

overall review: shauneeie3.5hands. We loved the tapas, starters and the assortment of beers. Probably a good place to unwind after work nearby. Very affordable range of european food but as a whole looks quite ordinary. The mains were average and more can be done with the desserts. Go there for some happy hour i would recommend. 

Restaurant SELA
32 Seah Street
Singapore 188388
tel: 63376358

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