Ricciotti - pizza.pasta.grill @ the Riverwalk

Relaunched and reopened in mid Oct, Ricciotti is an example of contemporary Italian dining. Just along the Singapore river, a short stroll from either Clark Quay or Boat Quay, you would be able to spot this brightly lit Italian joint with a chill alfresco area . As brand manager Walter describes, the setting of Ricciotti @ the Rivewalk is one which gives diners a more classy feel, yet a chill ambiance to wind down your evenings; gone are the days of its traditional styled themes. 

they even have a private dining area which can sit a group of  10. 

So, Ricciotti's new menu delivers to diners authentic yet quite affordable Italian cuisine. I was fortunate enough to be invited by openrice for this tasting. Here's what we had for the evening: 

Eggplant Parmigiana $15 (4Hands) 

Easily one of the better appetizers of the night. Ain't an eggplant person, but this lasagna styled baked eggplant with tomato and cheese was excellently done. Good for sharing due to the richness of the melting cheese. Scoop up a portion, spread it on the focaccia bread, eat it. 

Nizzarda Salad $19 (3 Hands)

A mix of mesclun, green beans, cherry tomatoes, cumcumbers, anchovies and quail eggs. Freshly seasoned tuna slices were placed on top and drizzled with sherry dressing. The tuna was indeed fresh, but the highlight would be the quail egg. The quail eggs were done to perfection - well cooked yet having that eggy yolk (the eggs were wiped out within the minute). 

Cioppino Soup $25 (4Hands)

This is basically a seafood stew. Walter shares that back in south Italy, families would head home after a long day out a work/sea to have this warm tasty dish. The mussels and squids are freshly flown over from Italy. No wonder the group loved the stew alot. The tomatoish broth coupled with that fresh seafood taste; i will crave for this during rainy days here. 

Carpaccio Di Polpo $18 (3Hands)

Freshly cut octopus with lemon and fennel dressing. Thinly sliced orange for that fruity flavour. The combination of the flavours were good but the octopus was somewhat alittle too chewy. 

Risotto Ai Frutti di Mare $28 (5Hands)

The first of our main course - Seafood Risotto. It is rare to find good tasting risottos around in Singapore. I was initally skeptical if the dish would turn out well, but it did. The arborio rice was cooked perfectly - flavours of the seafood soaked within the grain of rice, where the grains can be pluck out individually. Possibly the best dish of the evening. 

Orecchiette Broccoli Acciughe $20 (3Hands)

A simplistic dish - ear shaped pasta, anchovies, broccoli and cheery tomatoes. Tasted kind of average but the broccoli in it was cooked jut right - ain't overcooked nor undercooked. A bite of the broccoli brings out that veggie flavour, yet you don't taste the rawness of broccoli. 

Grilled Seabass $28 (4Hands)

Probably the most non Italian looking dish of the evening. The seabass was tasty. That drizzle of the sauce gave the seabass a tint of flavour. Accompanied with baby potatoes and spinach, this southern Italian dish is worth a try.

Pollo Alla Milanese $22 (2Hands)

Aka breaded chicken, I personally felt that the meat and the crumbs tasted very separate. The seasonings did not blend and mix well with the chicken breast. At $22, it would probably not be a justifiable order. Nonetheless, the dish can be credited to be not oily at all. The crumbs were well seasoned and crisp. 

Porcini E Scamorza Pizza $24 (3Hands)

I always say that pizzas are always best left to the italians. Am told that Porcini e Scamorza Pizza is one of those unpretentious italian food. Slices of Porcini mushrooms and cow cheese, baked in the oven over that bready tasting pizza crust. 

Al Tartufo Pizza $28 (5Hands)

Black Truffles, Quail Eggs, Mushrooms. Three key ingredients to a pizza and what came out from the oven is a dish that serves to delight our taste buds. I dare say that it was one of the best dishes of the evening. Need i say more? Time to head back for a second visit!

Tiramisu $10 (3Hands)

A classic tiramisu - served in the bowl just like back in Italy. The use of mascarpone cream, espresso and a bottom layer of lady finger. Good but have certainly tasted better. 

Nutella Sweet Pizza $14 (4Hands)

Rejoice nutella fans! HAHA yeah! Thin crusted pizza with a ton of nutella spread and a healthy portion of hazelnut. I felt that the dish would be perfect if there is sauteed bananas together. Sounds good right? 

Panna Cotta $6 (4Hands)

And for the our last dish of the evening - the Panna Cotta. For the not so sweet dessert lovers, this Panna Cotta was made just right. Look at all the vanilla seeds in it.  The taste of vanilla and cream. That seasonal fruit sauce complimented this silky comforting custard really well. Hands up anyone?

here's chef Akram preparing our pizzas

overall review: shauneeie4hands. There is no doubt that Ricciotti has the dishes to attract foodies in Singapore. With a wide range of offering on its menu, there would be that one Italian dish for everyone. I personally prefer their pizzas here - the doughy yet crispy crust when served. The reminiscent of the homemade seafood stew made by belly happy. Ricciotti setting - classy yet ready for a drink any evening by the river. Now, anyone wants to try ?   

Ricciotti - Pizza Pasta & Grill @ the Riverwalk 
20 Upper Circular Road
nearby MRT: Clark Quay/ Raffles Place
prepare to spend: $35 per pax

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once again thanking openrice for the tasting invite.

follow me on instagram: @shauneeie or like my facebook page: @shauneeie for more foodie escapades

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