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Teppi has been taking Singapore by storm recently and after months of waiting (the queue i last heard was 4 months & also thanks to rachel for booking the place) finally got the chance to savor Japanese omakase at such an affordable price.  Omakase dining simply means letting the chef decide your menu for the day, whipping up food which he feels like serving. 

At $80 for about 22 items, it was well worth the wait and the dishes served were at times unpretentious and at times shocking. This post won't be the normal review where i'd rate every dish, instead, i'd show you the different items we had and how to a certain extent i was both wowed and apprehensive about Teppei-san dishes. Sit back and enjoy.    

The appetizers 

Salad greens, grilled peas and that very yummy fried salmon skin. 1 piece really ain't enough but that was what we got. 

The Starters

Japanese poporn on the stalk! Photo worthy and really crunchy too. The plate of fresh sashimi was as good as it gets. Great quality fishes - the tuna was not tiny bit tough as you might expect from elsewhere. You bite down and it melts in your mouth. As you can expect, the salmon was really good too. The only item which i felt wasn't to my liking was the yuzu clam soup. Still not a fan of yuzu. 

Those cooked fishes

It was to my surprise that we had more fish dishes than I orginally thought. Those who know me well knows that I am not a fan of cooked fish - and I guess this is the part which I really didn't enjoy. However, the seared codfish was excellent. Tasted more like pork than fish to me where the distinct codfish odour was almost non existent. Can't really say much about the yuzu salmon soup, soy braised fish & tempura fishhh because they had that overwhelming fishy taste which I dislike. Nonetheless, all wasn't wasted as there were many peeps to eat them up for me. 


By now, i guess you'd be wondering where's the sake to go with all the food? Yes, be patient here it is. We ordered hot sake and even made Mr Teppei drink a bowl of it. How sporting of him. Thankfully it was before the pufferfish dish was served. 

Almost there! 

Yes, more food on the way. A maki roll with fresh choppped sashimi. That Japanese tomato which was sweet and juicy - unlike those sold in Singapore, was really awestuck by this seemingly unpretentious item. The grilled chest nut tasted meh but the foie gras, puffer fish skin, beef and salmon aburi were mouthwatering. 

The Game. 

Mashed green peas and eggs served on a spoon. The catch - outta of 20 spoons, 10 were infused with lots of fresh WASABI. So, will you be the lucky or unlucky one. Thankfully, I was the lucky few to make it out from the challenge without tearing. However, greedy me decided to volunteer to have another go at the last spoon because there was short of one person that night.  All i can say, i almost choked and teared uncontrollably for that one minute. Thank you for the experience Mr Teppei 

Almost at the end - The Mains 

See how serious rachel is with her work/hobby/past time. Even the bf shawn agrees. Yes, for mains, we could choose from a selection and out came kimchi fried rice and spoonfuls of aburi. In my honest opinion, go for the spoonfuls of aburis - from monkfish, salmon, raw prawn and some slimy part of the fish, these items will leave a mark on your palate instead of that ordinary looking kimchi fried rice.  

The Surprise 

Yes, that fried cricket. Dare or don't dare. Actually it taste alot like ikan bilis. 


Very average ice creams - seaseme, yuzu, calpis, but it was fine because we were so full from the other items. 

overall review: shauneeie4hands. Probably left disappointed by the many fish dishes that came out. Ah well, its omakase for you. Missed those tempura prawns and rolls in which mr Teppei served during other nights. We paid roughly about $100/ pax and i found the experience well worth it. Have you tried yet? Better be quick as reservations be as long as long as 4 months now.  

Teppei Japanese Resturant
1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel
Singapore 078867
nearby MRT: tanjong pagar

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