4 places to satisfy your waffle and chicken cravings in Singapore

Chicken and waffles. It is only until much recently that chicken and waffle has started to appear onto the menus of cafes in Singapore. A combination of two popular dishes - the fried chicken and the waffle, this dish originates from America. 

Craving for it? Here for 4 places to get your cravings fixed.

1. Sin Lee Foods

Probably the pioneer in bringing this dish to our shores, Sin Lee food served us iron casted waffle which is thick yet crispy and fragrant. The fried chicken is as good as it gets and to lessen your guilt, coleslaw is paired. Drizzle that in house made maple syrup and you get one really great tasting chicken waffle. 

Sin Lee Foods
4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Singapore 162004
nearby MRT: Tiong Bahru

2. Spathe Public House

A different version to Sin Lee's, Spathe serves grilled chicken with their waffles. Also, this tends to be more of a savory dish and a chicken based gravy is married with the dish instead of maple syrup. The waffles are light and crispy which goes well with that succulent topped meat. 

Spathe Public House
8 Mohd Sultan Road
Singapore 238958
nearby MRT: Somerset, Clark Quay

3. Revelry 

credits to @rachelxie for this picture
New kids on the block, Revelry gives Singapore westies a reason to cheer with their chicken and waffle dish. Waffles here are done differently as mentioned by the Revelry team. Instead of the usual thick buttermilk waffles, Revelry uses a signature light and airy batter to complement that generous portion of chicken. So who's up for this? 

21 Lorong Kilat
nearby MRT: Clementi

4. The Beast

Another new kid, around the bugis area, the Beast is intent on bringing this Southern American dish to the masses. The waffles are here more yeasty compared to most. Their chicken however, wins it for me due to the robust flavour. A bite of that chicken - crispy, a tad spicy and very juicy, which marries well with a drizzle of home made maple and that light waffle. 

the Beast
17 Jalan Klapa
nearby MRT: bugis

Need I say more? Time to head down to try this places and let me know which one you prefer. Also, do drop me a note if there are other good tasting chicken and waffles worth trying out. 

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