Joyden Canton Kitchen @ HillV2

I guess westies will be familiar with the ever popular Joyden Seafood @ West Coast. Now, the group has set its sights to wow the west again with Joyden Canton Kitchen. Located in the Upper Bukit Timah Hillview Area, Joyden Canton Kitchen @HillV2 serves up authentic yet contemporary Canton cuisine. 

What to expect at Joyden Canton Kitchen? Cantonese food of course, but with some twists. Let's start the food rolling.

Crispy Golden Lotus Root Chips (4Hands) $8.80

Chips which are healthy and so tasty! A first for me, thinly sliced lotus root, fried till crisp. I wanted to bring home for snacks but they said that it should be eaten fresh. Well, a reason to go back. Found this dish to be really innovative. 

Hakka Salt Poached Farm Chicken (4Hands) $17

Did you hear Hakka? Yes! because teochew food also falls under the umbrella of Canton food as described by the Joyden folks. This version of chicken is poached gently in salt and herbal stock, before letting it cool in room temperature before being served. The in house garlic sauce adds more flavour to this fabulous dish.   

Joyden Signature Soy Sauce Chicken (5Hands) $12/18/32

The reason why the salt poached chicken didn't get a 5 hands. This soy sauce chicken was exceptional. Try it to believe it. Much has to be lauded for the secret blend of sauce and herbs. Also, rosewater is used to give the chicken that tender texture and robust flavour. I'm actually craving for it now as I type. 

Fish Maw and Prawns with Glass Noodles in XO Sauce (5Hands) $18.80

The entire dish is cooked in that black claypot which gives off that mouthwatering smoky 'wok hei' flavour to the glass noodles. Ingredients used were all of good quality and I must say another favorite of the night. I have been here one more time for this since being invited for the tasting. If you are thinking of the one dish to order here, this would be it. 

Sliced Grouper Fillet (3Hands) $17.80

Probably the only average dish we had all night. Decently done in the claypot. 

Signature Rice Vermicelli with Poached Egg White (4Hands) $15.80

You break that orangey yellow egg yolk, Splash some vingear and a sprinkle of pepper. Mix the vermicelli well and you have another great tasting staple. Easy for the senses and great for the stomach. 

Braised Pork RIbs in Aged Mandarin Peel Sauce (4Hands) $16.80

Ain't the first time I have heard of the health benefits from the use of Aged Mandarin Peel. The Joyden folks wanted a pork rib dish to be tasty yet healthy and hence the formula to another excellent dish. The tenderness of the pork is remarkable. A pull of your fork on the meat and the chunk comes falling off. Sweet, healthy, succulent.  

Braised Homemade Beancurd with Baby Cabbage (4Hands) $14.80

One hand less to perfect because I felt that the beancurd could be better done. Don't be focus on those balls and set your sight below. Those Poached Shanghai Baby Cabbage are what you should be eyeing for. The leaves are so tender, it melts completely into your mouth at first bite. Let's hope it stays that way for some time. 

Feeling full? Yes i certainly was. Wash those dishes down with Joyden's Homemade Hawthorne and Apple drink and the meal is complete. 

overall review: shauneeie5hands. I am certainly a fan after my two visits here. Although Joyden Canton Kitchen has a wider array of dishes in the menu, these are the recommended dishes to try, especially if you're a wok hei fan like me. The staple dishes are good for a family coupled with a tasty chicken and vegetable. With a seating space of almost 120, I only hope that the kitchen can cope during full seating. This jem in the west is a must try!  

Joyden Canton Kitchen
HillV2 Shopping Centre
4 Hillview Rise #02-21
Singapore 667979 (Google HillV2 for the location)
nearby MRT: bukit panjang, bukit gombak, clementi

thought that i would forget dessert? Not a chance. Here are what's on offer at Joyden and i hope that you'll have a great dining experience there.

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