Zaffron Kitchen - contemporary indian cuisine in de east

I have long noticed this restaurant along katong - Zaffron Kitchen. On the bus, journeying to the eastern part of Singapore from town, I have always been intrigued by the shop's setting, yet never had a time to visit it. Was it fusion cuisine? probably european fusion, but I finally found out last week that it serves great tasting indian food. 

Thankful to be invited for their Christmas tasting, I came out impressed at how indian cuisine can intertwine so well with a western festive season, Christmas, so well. Even the menu was impressive.


Platter not on the menu (4Hands)

And this is what modern indian cruisine is all about. Tapas style, on a platter. Head chef's Satish ingenuity and moment of inspiration and we were fortunate enough to try it.  

1. To the left, prune in potato, baked and finished with herbs - I thought was the best amongst the 3. 
2. In the middle, tiny naan with chickpea and potato. Tasteful and a great mix of spice
3. The last, Halibut fish in mix herbs. 

Differing flavours of sweet, spicy and herby. A great dish to start off the evening. 

Soup (4Hands)

We were served soup! Yes you are not seeing stars. 3 to choose from - Mushroom, pumpkin and corn. All three were rather good of which the pumpkin was the table's favourite. 


Shahi Turkey Biryani (5Hands)

The highlight of the night, and the dish which drew me back the following weekend. Yes the christmas turkey biryani. Turkey cubed breast marinated in yogurt, a mix of ground spices whipped up togehter in basmati rice and saffron. To end off, it is baked inside a roti, which compacts all the flavours inside the dish. 

A real treat and a must have here at zaffron. Found the turkey so tender and juicy, while the rice exudes the fragrance of the spices onto your palate. 

Tandoori Turkey Set (4Hands)

Roasted Tandoori Turkey. Similar to the tukey Biryani, the turkey was tender and soft. Simply no trace of the usual tough bird we have during christmas. It is fantastic that chef Satish can whip out which delicacies. The meat, served with chestnut, rasin pilaf and herbs went well if the papadum. Also, I was told that Zaffon's papadum are baked! and not fried. How interesting and healthy that is. 

Oven Roasted Tandoori Masala Turkey (5Hands)

While i realized that I am really impressed with all of their mains, it struck me that this Masala Turkey is another winner on the night. This malasa turkey was spiced just right, served with garlic naan which came out fragant and crisp. Other ingredients includes the herbs potato and caramelized onions. Yeap. Take a chunk of meat, put it on the naan with a spoonful of masala sauce. An appetite whetting dish. 

overall review: 4.5hands. For once, I am came out of an indian restaurant a satisfied diner. No doubt there are hints of modern elements being infused with the dishes, but as a whole, the dishes served were very authentic. Furthermore, to have tukey taste tender and juciy requires skill as well as experience, and that was what Zaffron did right. Really worth a visit and they serve great beverages as well.

Zaffron Kitchen
135 East Coast Road
Singapore 428820
Tel: 64406786
nearby MRT: Dakota, Eunos
3 Gateway Drive
Westgate Shoppping Centre #01-20
Singapore 6085
Tel: 64659880
nearby MRT: Jurong East

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