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I guess I'm really quite late in writing a review although I have been raving about this place since its opening. But who cares, better late than never. Located at the far reaches of jalan bukit bo swee, sin lee foods is one of the few unique cafes to take over an existing old coffeeshop, converting it into a modern hipster cafe. Sine its inception, the people at Sin lee foods have been serving up a unique menu that is far different from what you might expect a normal cafe might offer.

Aburi Broccoli Salad (5Hands)

If you don't take greens, this dish may change you. A very innovative and interesting concept of fried brocolli topped with cheese, crackers and a side of coconut sugar. You mix them together and you get taste of sweet, salty and crunch. Really loved it when it first appeared on the menu.  

Smoked Salmon Hash (3Hands)

Deconstructed presentation at its best. Chunked potatoes, generous portion of smoked salmon, some greens, ending of with a light sprinkle of dressing salt and pepper. Cut up that runny sunny folk and mix the cohesive dish together. The chunks of potatoes could be slightly bigger to complement those huge slices of salmon, otherwise, a very imaginative dish in my opinion.   

Salted egg yolk sweet potato fries (4Hands)

Mixing up two singapore favourites into one - sweet potato fries and salted egg yolk. I would say this dish has its share of likers and haters. I'm part of the former, ordering this dish every occasion i'm here at sin lee. I find that it has the right balance of flavours, although at occasions the salted egg yolk drizzled can be a tad less. The fries are fried to crisp, salted egg yolk with curry leaves are poured over. I can find no where else serving such a thoughtful dish.

The Truffle Pops (4Hands)

pic by @eileenongxt
Loved it the moment I pop one of those balls into my mouth. That burst of flavours - cream mushroomy , truffle infused taste. A pop in and you can feel that crunch while the inside is soft and moist. A great recommendation by the guys as i don't usually order mushrooms during cafe hops.

Chicken and waffle (5Hands)

What can I say another this dish, I have been raving about it since my virgin visit to sin lee, and the reason why I go back time after time - because no where else does this chicken waffle quite like sin lee. The waffles here are thick, crispy on the outside yet moist in the inside. That batter flavour is delicious tooo. Next, that fried chicken. Coated with probably a hint of prawn paste, deep fried till crisp. You pour that home-made maple syrup and the dish is complete. If you are not a coleslaw person, request for it to be separated.  

Beef and Grains (4Hands)

credits to sophie

credits to eileen
The next best dish after the chicken waffles. well marinated orzo grains (yes its a type of pasta, didn't know until i was told), tender and succulent beef slices, some greens and that runny yolk. The whole dish goes well together and its a real treat to the tastebuds.

overall review: shauneeie4.5hands. One of the few cafes that I visit regularly where they will whip up innovative food that you wouldn't expect and is bound to impress. I would admit the price is slightly higher than most cafes but still less than that of restaurants. Go for the chicken waffles and one of the sides if it is your first time. The beef and grains is kinda popular as well.

Sin Lee Foods
4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Singapore 162004
nearby MRT: tiong bahru

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