23 Jumpin @ Tai Seng

in the heart of the industrial estate at Tai Seng sprouts a cafe - 23Jumpin. Meant to serve the needs of hungry factory workers looking for something different in the neighbourhood, this family run F&B is slowly ringing bells around the cafe scene.

The Coffee (4hands)

Serving pretty good coffee as well as ice chocolate. You can even pose for a picture with the iconic 23Jumpin scooter just outside the cafe. 

Eggs Ben (3 Hands)

Decent eggs ben served. Nothing much yo shout about, although i like that the holladndaise sauce given was just right, not too much, yet enough to taste the eggs ham and leaves. 

Creamy mushroom & Bacon pasta (4Hands)

One of the few cafes which actually serves up good tasting pastas. The spaghetti was springy enough and the cream mushroom sauce was rich yet not too thick. The mushrooms and bacon given were generous too. 

Duck Confit (4 Hands)

The mash was a winner. The duck differs from many, having a more stewed skin den a crispy one. Flavours were good and the gravy coming from the slow cooked duck leg after 6 hours was mouth watering.  

Pizza Waffle (5Hands)

a full 5 hands because of the sheer creativity done to a waffle. this is a waffle topped with pizza ingredients and served as a waffle pizza. I liked how the batter was fragrant and yet could complement the flavours of the Hawaiian and the mushroom cheese. I was told that it took hours of practise and loads of feedback to get it to this quality. kudos and i must say 23 Jumpin is bringing waffles to another level. 

Tiramisu (2Hands)

Nothing much to rave about this. Average, really average. 

Charcoal waffle (3Hands)

Found the waffle to be very dense. Personally, i know its hard to get charcoal waffles right and this is an example that more research and practise need to be done to get a charcoal waffle right. 

overall review: shauneeie3.5hands. Mains and coffee here are good. A quaint little cafe away from the bustles and hustles of town. The pasta is recommended and so is the duck confit. The novel idea of pizza waffle here at 23Jumpin is also great for cafe hoppers like me seeking to try different dishes in our otherwise boring cafe scene. 

23 Jumpin
The Commerce @ Irving
#01-25, 1 Irving Place
Singapore 369546
nearby mrt: tai seng 

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