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I believe most of you won't know where Tan Quee Lan Street at first mention. But it is where most of us frequent when we crave for steamboat. Yeap, located just opposite Bugis Junction, Tan Quee Lan street is parallel to the steamboat street at bugis. 

Joining a host of korean F&Bs in Singapore - Joo Bar, is the latest offering in store for us. Parked at the centre of the street, Joo Bar is housed in a 3 story shophouse with a sleek and modern chill interior.

'Joo' translates to alcohol hence the emphasis placed on its alcoholic drinks shouldn't be underestimated. From a funky drink menu to the pairing of its food, this bar gives us consumers much to cheer about.

Makgeolli (4hands)

The first in Singapore to house brew their own makgeolli, fans of this rice wine choose from a vary of different flavours - original, lychee, yucha, mango and strawberry. My personal favourites would be the lychee and yucha. Both flavours have a well mix blend of rice wine and flavouring, a treat in my opinion.   

Yucha Sojurita (5hands)

This vase of slug contains soju, yucha, lemon juice mix and Cointreau. A bottle of hite beer is overturned and served. Takes a long time to finish and is a very good thirst quencher. Worth sharing with a bunch of friends.  

Kimchi chicken potpie (3hands) 

Kimchi chicken potpie. That golden crust hides a very tasty stew of chicken, vege and kimchi. Good after many rounds of drinks which warms up the stomach.

Tofu Chips (5hands)

These tofu chips were excellently done, goes well with the alcohol drinks and pairs with guacamole and kichi salsa. A blend of koren and western, loved this item the moment i popped one into my mouth 

Baby Eel Paper (3Hands)

Baby eels deep fried and chucked into this rectangular tin, seasoned with chilli salt and lime. A tad salty if you ask me, but photo worthy.

Slow Roasted Mangalitsa belly (3hands)

Pork belly which was brined, massaged and steamroasted for hours, served with shredded chive and chill falkes with soy sauce seasoning. That tender piece of pork is the highlight.

Joo Bossam (5hands)

Much tender than the pork belly above in my opinion. How i fell in love with this dish the moment it entered my mouth. You first pick up that pickled cabbage, place the pork belly above,followed by the spicy radish salad. Not too tough and not too big,  a bite of the handful will leave you wanting for more. I seriously recommend this.

Warm kimchi with toufu and spam (4hands)

Who doesn't love spam? Kimchi, spam and toufu? haha yes, they have it all here. Take your pick. I can only say their kimchi here is really very good. The spam though can be more crispy. 

Hand chopped korean minced rib steak (5hands)

I'm no beef eater, but this mix of US prime beef served with chopped nuts and garlic flakes will leave any foodie wanting for more. Nicely done and the group thought it was a dish worth coming back for. 

Seafood gochujiang risotto (4hands)

A generous offering of seafood on this turntable like dish. You can observed the painstaking detail which goes onto the plating. Mussels, prawns and squid arranged in that OCD matter onto the korean rice and thickened with cheese. Loved how this dish turned out and will be back again for this. 

overall reiew: shauneeie4.5hands. Very impressed on my first visit here. That dark interior with white washed walls gives Joo Bar a cozy and chill feel. The food would entice any korean food fans. I particularly like the Joo Bossam and the minced beef. Try the set of  makegolli of 5 @ $35. Good for a gathering of friends on a weekday night.

Joo Bar
5, Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188094
nearby mrt: Bugis

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