Nunsongyee @ Serangoon gardens

Deep within serangoon gardens lies a dessert shop where few would come across - Nunsongyee, which is getting more and more popular by the day. This couple month old Korean dessert cafe sells ice kachang, in korean style. Yes it is called bingsu.

Black Sesame Bingsu (2Hands)

The dish looked spectacular but i wasn't impressed upon trying the dish. The ingredients tasted very separated and didn't blend well with the ice shavings. Particularly the sesame and the red bean didn't go well together in my opinion.

Original (4Hands)

Much better than the sesame bingsu. I liked how the original flavour blends well with the ice shavings. The milk made it a tad gooey but it was a a fulfilling bowl of dessert.

overallreview: shauneeie3hands. One of the first bingsu cafes here in Singapore but the price is ridiculously expensive. At almost $20 for the premium bingsu, i cannot justify paying so much for a bowl of ice. Yes, the shavings may be of great quality, but i'd happily contend with my ice kachang at chomp chomp for only $2.50. Still, if it is your first time, do try their orignal or maybe the mango flavoured bingsu. 

45 Burghley Drive
Singapore 559022
nearby mrt: lorong chuan, bishan, serangoon ( i recommend cabbing there)

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