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and so the second wave of korean fried chicken arrives on the shores of Singapore. First oven fried chicken at telok ayer, now Chir Chir (pronounced as chi-ruh chi-ruh) has opened its door at 313 Somerset followed by its second outlet at bedok point a weekend ago. Was recently invited to a tasting by Chir Chir and find out how it went below.

Chir Chir uses only fresh chickens in their outlets, which are married with different flavours and even whipped cream. Sauces are imported direct from the central Chir Chir kitchen in Seoul, giving us diners the exact same tastes as what you would taste in Korea.

the drinks 

Chir Cream Beer (4hands)

Inspired by 'a latte kiss' by a  hit korean drama, this half or full pint of draught beer topped off with whipped cream is suitable for any occasion. To many, this would be the best of both worlds. For the best taste, stir the foam thoroughly with the beer, but beware of the foaming which comes with the stir. 

Tok! Tok! (3Hands)

Comes in different flavours like passion fruit, blue lemonade and green grape, these jug of cocktails gives diners a refreshing choice besides beers 

Lady Killer (4Hands)

Chir Chir's version of mojito with an inverted bottled beer. Good for a couple to share

now, the clucking array of food begins .... 

the chickens 

Crispy fried chicken (4Hands)

Two words - Crispy, tender. These chickens goes well with that mustard dipped and for a more tangy taste, the salsa sauce. One of the better fried chickens around.

Garlicky Chicken / Tenders / Wings (5Hands)

My favourite dish of the night. The fragrant garlic sauce compliment the chickens really well. What made the dish even gorgeous was the chunks of roasted sweet potatoes and toppoki. 

Spicy Chicken / Tenders / Wings (4Hands)

The chilli sauce - SPICY! no joke, if you're no chilli person, it is hard to handle. A must try to those who love spice. 

Nest Snow (5Hands)

The dish that won the most heart. Served on hot plate, cajun chiken tenders lying on a bed of sweet potato mash (the mash is awesome), surrounded by cream sauce and topped with parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar and fresh whipped cream. How not to like i ask you ? A very special and unqiue dish you won't find elsewhere.

Roasted Chicken (4Hands)

Besides fried chicken, you get to choose roasted chicken too. Succulent and tender, these chickens are served on a hot plate and good for a group. 

overall review: shauneeie4hands. if you are craving for korean chickens, this might be the place for you. Do note that the dishes here are of large portion and if you don't come in a group, it would be difficult to try most of the dishes. My personal favourite would be the garlicky wings. The ladykiller sojurita was also a good complement to all the fried food. Had your fried chicken yet ?

Chir Chir
nearby mrt: somerset

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