montana brew bar @ POMO

Was recently invited to a tasting by Montana brew bar at POMO.

This newly opened coffee bar has set its sights to offer not only brewed coffee but also waffles in many forms to us diners. From the team that brought us Roosevelt’s Diner, more will be expected from the people at Montana to whet our appetites. 

The shop front

The coffee

Latte art was a killer. Look how perfect that swan reflection is. On another note, the coffee was smooth and not acidic, something which i look for in my coffees. Milk was a tad too much. 

the waffles

Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sanwich (3Hands)

Who hates fried chicken? not me! Spicy southern mustard slaw coupled with that southern fried chicken, sandwich by two waffles. Portion is good for sharing and i like how crispy the chicken was, that said, the chicken can be quite dry inside. 

Truffle Jalapeno Mac & Chesee V2.0 (5Hands)

I heard that V2.0 was a stark improvement from V1.0. Nevertheless, i loved V2.0 alot. Not everyday do you find ingredients infused inside a waffle and i can say that after much experimentation, Montana got it right. You can smell truffle from a mile away and once you put a slice of it into your mouth, that waffle, mac and cheese and truffle mashes so well together. 

Matcha Strawberry Field Waffle (3Hands)

The mango passionfruit spheres were amazing. The reason spheres were used is so that the waffle served will not be soggy. Felt that the matcha waffle was a tad too dense but the rest loved it somehow. Good for sharing as the waffle can be quite heavy. 

Chocolate banana waffle (4Hands)

My favorite dessert waffle amongt the many. Essentially a chocolate base waffle, accompanied with bananas and vanilla ice cream. You see that powder sprinkled throughout the dish = it is nutella truffle. 

Don't want waffles? 

Dont't fret! Montana serves burgers too! 

overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. Very affordable for the quality and quantity. There were hits and misses but the best part is that the crew at Montana will take your feedback on their food promptly and tries to perfect the recipe for us diners. If it's your first time, do try the truffle mac and cheese as well as the dessert waffles. 

Montana Brew Bar
1 Selegie Road #01-04
Singapore 188306
nearby mrt: doby ghaut

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