basil by thai express @ kallang wave mall

A new concept from ThaiExpress, Basil by thaiexpress targets the young, wild and trendy food goers. Its debut outlet at kallang wave mall aims to attract the young and wild generation seeking good and afforable food with a hip and rustic ambience.

so am told that the dishes at this new outlet are mostly whipped up from scratch. It is evident as I could taste that most of the ingredients such as the prawns and coconut used were really fresh. 

the dishes

Papaya Salad (3Hands)

Light refreshing and all so spicy. I was just back from thailand a couple weeks ago and i realise how a good papaya salad comes about is the need for fresh ingredients. 

Thai Fish cake (3Hands)

You can't go wrong with fish cakes. The one my basil was a tad soft but still had that otah thai fish cake taste. Marries well with the sweet and spicy sauce provided too!

Nam Prik Mamuang (3Hands)

I haven't seen these around before, so its probably something new for me. Served in 3 separate bowls - raw vegetables, fried rice balls and the chrimp paste, all you have to do is to dip either the rice crackers or veges into the sauce and eat it. A special and unique dish, especially if you are a chilli and spice lover.

Thai style salted egg calamari (3hands)

Fried calamari on a wooden dish topped with salted egg yolk sauce. I would say very different from the usual thai salted egg yolk calamaris dished out in Singapore, this is more dry and less sweet. Nonetheless, that taste buds wowing salted egg yolk still delighted the table. 

Songkran chicken wings (4hands)

Wings made to celebrate the Songkran festival. Although it was quite salty, the wings were fragrant and juicy. The seasoning bits over the chicken gave the wings that crunchy sweet texture. 

Stir-fried Phuket Bee Hoon (5Hands)

Phuket style bee hoon which was my other favourite dish of the night. That lime gave the whole dish a zesty flavour, coupled with the bee hoon which (my guess) was fried with coconut sauce. Tiger prawns adding a seafood taste to the entire dish. A unique flavour all round. 

time for desserts

Mango sticky rice (3hands)

Coconut sauce and mangoes were fresh. Apart from that, nothing much to rave about. 

Red Ruby with coconut cream (3hands)

fresh coconut again i must say. red ruby was a hit to some, but i'm not really a fan. 

overall review: shauneeie3hands. The garden concept, that very authentic thai dining experience. Basil by thai express got the experience part spot on. Food wise, there were indeed hits and misses but let's focus more on the yummy servings - the omelette, songkran chicken wings and phuket noodles are worth coming back for.

Basil by thai express
kallang wave mall
1 Stadium Place
Singapore 397628
nearby mrt: stadium

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