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Amidst the forage of greenery up at  demspey hill, one might fail to notice this long colonial building all the way at the back. The curious however might chance upon this restaurant called House. Its interior stretches through the ground floor of the building, a bar and an al fresco setting give this cafe bar a feel unlike the usual eateries in Singapore today.

with its revamped brunch menu, read on to find what's new below. 

had a couple of drinks before the meal, first the alcoholic one followed by a mix juice which cleanses the body. 

Macadamia-Crusted Pumpkin Salad $17 (4hands)

a healthy yet flavourful dish to me. i like how the roasted nuts gives the mushy pumpkin a crunch texture, complimenting the dish perfectly. The light tangy dressing gave the salad a mustard finish.

 Turkish Salad $17 (3hands)

half of its ingredients seem alien to me, and it is almost house is giving us a vegetarian treat that afternoon. Tabbouleh, falafel, hummus and tzatziki, any one knows what ingredients are these? HAHA! 

The Elegant Black Pepper Prawn Linguine $33 (4hands)

this was the favourite dish of the afternoon. Linguine pasta tossed in black pepper sauced, sided with grilled prawns and a serving of carviar. It was a treat to the taste buds and a dish i fondly remember till today. 

 Lean, Green Pasta $22 (2hands)

nowehere near my favourite of the day, but for vegetarians, it may be a happy belly dish for them. Gluten free fusilli tossed with pesto, asparagus, french beans and broccoli. Everything green is on this plate. 

 Wild Rice Mushroom Risotto $25 (3hands)

Another of my favourite dish. Wild rice styled risotto. A tad over done but compared to many risottos available out there, this was particularly good . Not to forget, lots of mushrooms to accompany it too.

after the main course comes the cakes and desserts ... 

From the pomegranate red velvet cake, the bitter chocolate tart to the grilled gluten free almond cake, these desserts were all out in force. The gluten cake was my favourite and yes, more healthy as well.

overallreview: shauneeie3hands. The interior of House gives customers that homely feel. The large space also means that it is a good place for a gathering or celebration. Decent food although price wise was alittle on the high side. Great for an afternoon's high tea imo. 

House @ Dempsey
8D Dempsey Rd

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