places to satisfy your salted egg yolk craving [foodpanda singaporean food culture contest 2015]

i recently saw a contest by foodpanda and sethlui reaching out to singapaporeans to give opinions on what represents food culture in singapore. 

here's my take on it - although singapore hasn't been around for that long, we do have a very hungry and fussy nation here. well, i would expect that many would would give hawker fare or crabs as the answer, i feel that in our contemporary era, this one item has galvanised and changed the way our fussy taste buds want - the salted egg yolk.

from our meats - pork, chicken 

salted egg yolk chicken @dean's cafe

salted egg yolk pork @long beach

to seafood - crab , squids 

salted egg yolk calamari @basil by thai express

salted egg yolk crab @long beach

desserts as well - lava cakes, fries and even ice cream 

chocolate molten salted egg yolk lava cake @ five for dime

salted egg yolk sweet potato fires @ sin lee foods

waffle and butter beer ice cream with salted egg yolk sauce @ fat cats

salted egg yolk ice crem @ tom's palette

feeling hungry yet and do you agree with me? i hope this short post conjures up the salted egg yolk craving in you. 

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