Shiok beers - May promo

Shiok beer, an online beer boutique is having a cider promotion for the month of May - Stassen Cider Specials. 

In collaboration with shiok beer, from now to 15 June 2015, quote '@shauneeie' during your order and you'll get the promotional rate mentioned at the end of this post.  

Since 1895 Stassen has been producing the finest quality of organic fruits. A unique fermented drink made with 100% fruit juice to savor on a layer of crushed ice. All the natural flavor of fruit, just the right amount of alcohol: maximum delight!

What ciders are on promo? 

Stassen Red Fruits Cider (ABV 4.5%)

Stassen red fruits have the nose of fresh, juicy raspberries and strawberries. The palate showcases a superior range of cherries, blackberries, and raspberries. The finish is bone dry, highlighting Stassen’s crisp and refreshing character. 

Stassen Elderflower & Lime Cider (ABV 4.5%)

Elderflower contributes a drier element to the cider compared to an apple cider, and the lime chimes in with a juicy, citrus twist to balance out the flavor profile. Personally my favourite of the three, its refreshing after taste leaves cider fans wanting for more. 

Stassen Pear Cider (ABV 5.4%)

Stassen Pear Cider is the perfect refreshment. With a crisp sweetness, its thirst quenching flavors akins to taking a bite out of a pear . Tropical fruit aromas of pear, dried apple, pineapple, and candied banana. Flavors of tropical fruits, pears and apples. The finish is bone dry, highlighting Stassen’s crisp and refreshing character.

Are you tempted yet ? Here's how to order

Orders & enquires at

Pricing (now till 15 June 2015)
1 carton - S$120 nett
3 cartons - S$350 nett (inclusive of free delivery)
*1 carton=24 bottles

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