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Tao seafood is celebrating mother's day by whipping up some of Mrs Lee's favourite dishes. Yes, Mrs Lee is the wife of head chef Lee Tong Kuon and during this period, Tao seafood will be offering dishes that are well liked by the madam herself.

what are the dishes? read more below! 

Salted egg yolk fish skin (3hands)

crispy fish skin married with curry leaves and salted egg yolk. More of the salty version rather than the sweet one, but it got the table salivating. 

Chilled drunken chicken (3Hands)

Chicken braised in chinese wine and then chilled before being served. This dish brings back memories of traditional chinese cuisine. A hearty dish which goes well with their tao's blend of green chilli sauce

TAO pig trotters with sea cucumber (3Hands)

This highly nutritious and collagen rich dish sums up Mother's day. Great for ladies who want a more radiant, youthful and glowing skin. 

Stream egg with coconut juice (4Hands)

Coconut juice in steam egg? The first time I've tasted such a unique dish and there was even crab meat inside. It was definitely lovely. The salmon roe though made the dish a tad fishy which irked me, otherwise one spoonful wasn't enough. 

Chef Lee's Wok Fried Prawns (5Hands)

Dish of the night. A combination of oyster sauce, fish sauce and garlic, these huge half shelled prawns were wok fried and served pipping hot. Fragrant and tasty, that wok-hei taste was also slightly apparent.

Vermicelli  (3Hands)

Great to end the meal, a light hearted portion of some warm wet based bee hoon with seafood. This was good but not the best I've had. 

Special Orh Nee (3Hands)

Largely a hit and miss, and while it divided the table, I thought it was pretty alright. Probably a change of name from being Orh Nee to yam pudding might lessen the expectation of being served a thick paste rather than a soupier one.

And if there is one thing in Tao that you must try, it is this special in house made green chilli house. Inspired from Thailand, it goes well with many of the dishes, especially the bee hoon. 

indeed a great mother's day set and I was privileged to be invited for this mother's day tasting.

overall review: shauneeie3hands. Would come back here to try more of their seafood dishes. I was impressed by drunken chicken as well as that wok fried prawns. The chilli too makes for a good condiment. Ifyou're looking for a place to celebrate mother's day or a to have family meal during the weekend, this hassle free (virtually no one in the CBD with lots of parking space) place will be good place to escape from the crowd. 

Tao Seafood Asia
12 Marine View
Asia Square Tower 2 #02-10
Singapore 018961
nearby MRT: tanjong pagar, downtown

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