FOC by Nandu Jubany @ Hong Kong Street

Definitely not 'Free of Charge'. FOC (pronounced as fock and represents fire in spanish) is a contemporary Spanish tapas bar set in the heart of Hong Kong Street, delighting after work goers with their selection of good food, music and most importantly alcohol. 

Was here on a tuesday night and boy was it crowded. Very typicality like of restaurants around the cbd but a good indication that you'll be in for a good time.

What did we have?

Grilled Iberico Pork ribs w Smoked Pumpking Puree (4Hands)

Tender, juicy but a long wait for this dish. Flavours were there but I didn't manage to catch much of the smokiness on the pumpkin. 

Mushroom Croquettes (4Hands)

One is not enough. You'll need a second serving, a third or maybe you'll be able to wipe off the dish. Mushroom can be evidently found inside and the taste marries well with the potato. Crispy exterior, moist interior.

Squid Ink Paella (4Hands)

One of the best i've eaten. The seafood were fresh and cooked perfectly. The grains were consumed with the rich black squid ink. Very satisfying indeed.

We had another paella dish but I can't quite find its name. Nonetheless it was not as tasty as the squid ink above, so who cares.  

Pulled Pork Taco (3Hands)

Certainly a different take on the normal pulled pork. Unique I must say. Taste wise, it was average and I still prefer the ones marinated in BBQ sauce and served in chunkful. This was rather small and very unsatisfying. You need more than 2, but it will bust your budget. 

the dessert

I conclude that it is all but a spectacle. The only aim is to wow and excite the guests and in a way it did. Pouring lit rum over this pot of pudding. You gaze in excitement, phones out and after a couple seconds, the set is over. Taste wise, there's nothing much to shout about.  

overallreview: shauneeie4hands. Hits and misses. Thankfully there were more to smile about. Essentially, a place to chill and have fun in a group. Don't expect your stomachs to be filled to the brim as portions are really small. A treat to the senses and to the tastebuds. Indeed a place to unwind after a tough day's work.

FOC by Nandu Jubany
40 Hongkong St,
Singapore 059679
nearby MRT: clark quay, raffles place

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