Hvala waffle bar @ Somerset 313

Waffle fever has yet to slow down on our sunny island and another waffle bar has popped up in the basement of 313 somerset. Run by this young couple, they bring creative waffle ideas to the masses. We decided to give these stick doughs a try. 

Original hvala waffle

coated with maple syrup, cocoa powder and icing sugar. 

Berries Delight

as described by the name, a mixed of fruity berries being arrange above the waffle stick, stuck on by yoghurt sauce and pastry cream.

Apple cinnamon

an assembly of caramelised apples on the waffle. 

Strawberry Balsamico

pic by @rachelxie
balsamic vinegar drenched on strawberries, nestled on whipped cream. too anxious to eat those waffles that I missed a photo, thank god for foodie frens.  

Bella banana 

chocolate coated bananas on the waffle. bananas and waffle do go well together. 

C is for Cookie 

one for the cookie monster. Pipping hot waffle sprinkled with cookie crumbles and fresh cream


tiramisu cream spread, sprinkled with chocolate shavings. 

Creme Brulee

one unique waffle. orange creme and then torched till slightly charred. 

Smurfy S'mores

flame torched marshmallow, with a generous sprinkling of granham crumbs and chocolate fondue. 

 Soft serve 

if you're in no mood for waffles, some soft served may solve your problem. Thick and creamy, I would prefer this to the long queues of llao llao a few steps away. 

our full array of hvala waffles

overall review: shauneeie3hands. One of the more affordable eats in the basement of somerset 313. Waffles are fragrant and crunchy and is accompanied by the various flavours that comes with it. A well spend $3 a piece if you ask me. 

Hvala Waffle bar
313 Orchard Road
313 Somerset #B3-50
Singapore 238895
nearby mrt: somerset

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