Cool Play Softserve @ Toa Payoh Lorong 4

Coolplay soft serve ice cream has finally nestled in Singapore, amongst the old estate of Toa Payoh. Yeap, that famous soft serve brand from Taiwan is finally opened here on our sunny island, and during a very good time when the weather is scorching hot.

Every week, the good folks at CoolPlay will offer four different flavours and I last heard that they have almost 20 different types of flavours to whet our palate. Nonetheless, not all flavours were to our liking but I can safely say that the chocolate and mint will be a fan favourite soon.  Other flavours include peanut butter, rum and raisins, matcha, etc..... 

overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. 1 flavour for $4.5, a mix for $5. Considering the neighbourhood that it has lifted its shutters at, it could be a tad pricey. The soft serves are of good quality and some of the flavours i've tried seem promising. However, certain flavours would not appeal to us Singaporeans so let's hope after some R&D they will settle with the better flavours. So let's go grab some cones to fend off this heat! 

CoolPlay Soft Serve Singapore
Blk 85B Lorong 4 Toa Payoh
Singapore 312085
nearby MRT: toa payoh (7minutes walk from the station)

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