Fuku Fine Fugu Kaiseki (FUKU) @ Mohd Sultan Road

FUKU  Fine  Fugu  Kaiseki  Restaurant - Called FUKU (Singapore) for short, this is the  first-ever restaurant in Asia outside of Japan that specialises in fugu (pufferfish). With all their ingredients imported from Japan, you do need need to fear death when consuming this poisonous fish here. 

Fugu Hot Pot (4Hands)

Tired of your usual hotpot, why not try Fugu hothot - the one and only in Singapore. Unique i must say. For a pax of two, the hot pot goes for S$70++ and personally, the soybean flavour works best with the fish.

Fugu sashmi (4Hands)

I guess this would be a virgin experience for many. It taste very similar to many other sashimi we normally enjoy. The fugu is more elastic, a tad bland, but compliments well with the unique sauce served with the fresh puffer-fish

Fugu sushi (4Hands)

It goes for 3 pieces @ S$9. Affordable by any means and probably a once in a lifetime experience. They even have that golden flake for decoration to make the sushi stand out

Fried Fugu (2Hands)

Probably my least favourite dish of the night. It taste like any other fried fish if you were to ask me. Nonetheless, the texture of fugu is much softer and breaks apart much easily.

Fugu Sake (4Hands)

Fugu Sake anyone? I was hesitant initially but was won over by the presentation and smell. Also, if you like shark's fin, the taste of the fugu sake is similar to shark's fin soup. Shark's fin flavour without killing sharks, yes you guys should come try!

overall review: shauneeie4hands. A must try for the experience if you haven't and don't intend to go to Japan. Although a tad pricey, Fugu's ambience and its food sum it all up - a must try. Would i come back to FUKU again ? Probably after some time, but if you haven't tried puffer-fish, this is a place to be at. 

FUKU  Fine  Fugu  Kaiseki  Restaurant  (FUKU)
14 Mohamed Sultan Road,
Singapore 238963
Website: http://fugu-fuku.comFacebook
nearby mrt: clark quay

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