Harry's Bar

With over 20 outlets across Singapore, Harry's Bar is best known for being an establishment which serves premium alcohol - beers / cocktails / liquors. Despite being a great bar, Harry's has launched a new food menu to attract another group of patrons to their outlets.

So here's some of the almost 50 items Harry's Bar has added to their menu

Fish Cracklings (4Hands) $13

Don't think you can go wrong with fish skins and they're a good accompaniment for beers served here in Harry's

Chirpy Chips (3Hands) $14

Fried drizzled in special curry mayo, topped off with chicken floss. The mayo didn't stand out, but I like the fusion idea of pork floss and fries.

Flatbread $20-$25

Trying to be different, flatbread is used as the base of the pizzas served in Harry's. It is meant to go well with the range of cocktails and alcohol served here. 

We agreed that the truffle mushroom was a perfect dish to share. There's also a local themed pizza in the form of Sassy Satay if patrons would like to try something local.  

Beef Stroganoff (4Hands) $23

Every piece of penne were covered in the thick and rich creamy sauce. Very decent offering of a pasta. Smoky grilled beef is stirred together and the combination makes for a tantalising main course. 

Chicken Masala (2Hands) $23

A flavourful pot of chicken masala and it comes with some charcoal bread. Ain't the best masala I've tasted. A tad watery and chicken used could be fresher. 

and what's Harry's without their alcohol.


overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. A suitable place to wind down after work. With a variety of items to choose from in their menu, there would be something for everyone. Nonetheless, it's still a place to have a drink and grab some bites with friends. 

Harry's Bar

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