Montana Brew Bar @ POMO (Part 2)

So have you heard, Montana Brew Bar now offers burgers to compliment their menu of waffles. Popped by to try out their affordable yet flavourful items. 

Truffle Egg Burger $15 (4 Hands)

That egg, the piece of melted cheese above the decent chunk of beef patty. Grab it together and take a bite. Shiok I tell you.  

Umami Burger $14 (5Hands)

Miso shitakae mushrooms sautéed perfectly, topped above that beef patty. My favourite amongst the burgers. See that generous amount of mushrooms - generous yet just nice.    

Pesto Chicken Burger $13 (2Hands)

Chicken, pesto and corn. Something on the safe side. I felt flavours were lacking. Nonetheless, a safe bet in a menu of beef patties.

Thai Lemongrass Prawn Burger $15 (4Hands)

Lemongrass prawn patty married with fresh onions and cubes of mango. drizzled with some green curry dressing. A great mix and a seafoody experience.  

overall reivew: shauneeie4hands. A good mix of seafood, beef and chicken offerings to compliment montana's coffee and waffles. My favourite - the prawn lemongrass and umami burger. Affordable compared to today's standards of burgers pricing.

Montana Brew Bar
1 Selegie Road
Singapore 188306
nearby mrt: doby ghaut
price range: $17

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