Swensen's Ice Cream Mooncakes 2015

Swensen’s Ice cream mooncakes

How time flies. The mid-autumn festival is right by the corner, which means it’s time for mooncakes yet again. In conjunction with SG50, Swensen’s latest ice cream mooncakes feature the iconic Merlion emblem. The mooncakes come in a beautiful red box resembling a lantern you used to carry around for mid autumn’s festivities. 

This year, there are six delectable flavours to choose from and they celebrate some of Singapore's most popular local flavours - crunchy milo, lychee dreams, yummy yam, durian royale, sticky chewy chocolate and strawberry fields forever.

Crunchy Milo – bite into the rich malty taste of Milo ice cream, filled with plush marshmallows and crunch almonds

Sticky Chewy Chocolate – featuring the all-time best-selling ice cream flavour you usually get when dining at Swensen’s, except that it is encased in soft mooncake pastry skin this time. Possibly my favourite one out of these ice cream mooncakes as the rich chocolatey goodness will linger in your mouth with every bite

Durian Royale – who can resist the king of fruits in Singapore? Savour the rich, pungent flavours of the D24 durian ice cream

Strawberry Fields Forever – featuring creamy strawberry ice cream made with fresh ripe strawberries

The Swensen’s SG50 Moon Gems Mooncake Collection is priced at $35.80 for a box of 4 (with choice of flavours) and is available from 14 August 2015 to 27 September 2015 at all Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets.

Thank you Swensen's for the box of delightful local dessert.

*post written by @crystal_wee

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