Peony Jade’s 4 New Heavenly Kings

Wait no longer as Peony Jade’s culinary team is proud to present the 4 NEW heavenly kings with one new creation under each category (baked, flaky-Teochew, durian snowskin and limited edition snowskin), 5 new fruity flavours and its popular signature in the traditional baked and flaky-Teochew ranges.

The packaging this year is certainly eye-catching, what with the traditional designs on bright red and blue boxes which seem to symbolise royalty. 

For those looking for more of an exotic taste in mooncakes, the Mini Century Eggs Pastry Mooncakes ($62 for 8 pieces) can be worthy of a try. I must admit that it’s an acquired taste as the combination of the pungent preserved egg, slices of pickled ginger and low sugar pure white lotus paste may put off some people.

The Baked Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes ($62 for 8 pieces) is filled with salted egg yolk enriched with butter, eggs, evaporated milk and flour, resulting in a contrasting yet complementary taste of sweet and savoury. I really like the good balance of sweet and savoury in this one.

If we’re talking about Peony Jade’s signature, it has got to be the brand’s Flaky Orh Ni Mooncake with Premium Golden Pumpkin (single yolk - $38.50 for 2 pieces, $67 for 4 pieces). From the uber flaky and crisp pastry skin to the thick and creamy yam filling, there is no reason not to love it. Bake it for a while in the oven and the fragrant is just wonderful.

And for the true old-school gourmets, there are the timeless, traditional baked signatures. The Baked Mooncake with Premium Mother of Pearl White Lotus Paste (single yolk - $37 for 2 pieces, $66 for 4 pieces) have been formulated by the chefs with less sugar for guilt-free indulgence.

Peony Jade’s mooncakes are available at the 2 Peony Jade restaurants at Clarke Quay and Keppel Bay and the following 9 locations – Takashiyama Shopping Centre, TANGS Vivocity, TANGS Nex, Junction 8, North Point, Lot One, Century Square, Jurong Point and Chevron House.

Special thanks to Peony Jade and 37 Communications for the mooncakes.
Written by @crystalwee