Violet Herbs @ Tras Street

Violet Herbs, nestled along the street of Tras, is a semi fine dining restaurant unlike others. Decorated in purple, it gives diners a rather unusual sense of comfort. This stellar modern themed restaurant serves up an excellent menu of European fare. Not only do the items look good, the interior was well to the point.

Helmed by Chef Edward Hoe, we had a more than delightful dinner here at Violet Herbs. 

Starters or palette exciter, we were served a spoonful of pulled pork. As cheeky as it is, I would have requested for another if not for the other items we were lined up to have.  

Pistachio and Herb Crusted Scallops 4Hands $18

Plump Hokkido scallops plated with a mix of herbs and pistachio. Nicely seared, I was impressed by the paper thin potato chips which sandwiched a slice of parmaham and then deep fried, effort!

Lobster Cappuccino & Brandy 5Hands $14

This soup scored it for me. A perfect plating accompanied by a soup that was flavourful and delicious. Cognac and soup, it was terrific. 

Ebi Angel Hair Pasta 4Hands $32

Everything was right for this pasta. A mix of herbs, rayu oil and sakura ebi, all you need to do was to mix the plate up and every mouthful will leave you wanting for more. The angel hair pasta were cooked to perfection, they got the timing right on this.

Red Miso Cod 2Hands $33

This dish wasn't my cup of tea. The miso did not compliment well with the cod the roasted pumkin purée did nothing to enhance the overall taste of the dish.

Wagyu Beef Cheek 5hands $32

Everything about this plate was awesome. The sous vide beef cheeks were tender and rightly accompanied by the red wine glaze. The hand crafted zucchini spheres showed much work and thought was put into the dish and my first try at those pellets of fregola sarda, a kind of pasta, which soaked up all the juices on the plate.

Roasted Lamb Rump 4Hands $32

The rare places where that distinct lamb aftertaste is non-existent. A playful way for the diner to pour your own sauce from a test-tube. Experience checked, taste checked. 

Frozen Nougat 4Hands $14

I loved that lychee sorbet. Think of real lychee yet cold and melts instantly in your mouth. The rest of this plated dessert was just an expression of art by the chef. Neatly done.  

overallreview: shauneeie4hands. The overall selection of food here at Violet Herbs were excellent. Chef Edward showed his interpretation of modern European cuisine and left us impressed by what was on the table. Celebrating a special occasion or just a night out around town? This gm along Tras Street could be the answer for a good dinner.

Violet Herbs
81 Tras Street
Singapore 079020
nearby mrt: tanjong pagar

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