Ciao@ - Haji Lane

Ciao@ is a new F&B concept along Haji Lane. A mixed concept, Ciao@ provides a unique experience, bringing to diners the experience of italian food in a bar. The owners pride themselves with whipping up quality homespun italian recipes.

What to eat at Ciao@, here's what we had for the night:

Fritto Del Piceno (3Hands) $16

A mix of cheese balls fried with veges and chef's surprise. A surprise in every bite. I loved the one with cheese and bacon. Playful and cheeky. 

Calamari 4Hands $18

So good. If they could be that consistent, this dish would be one of their top drawer. Pan fired Calamari with pine nuts, cherry tomato and olives. Ciao@ has brought back what squid should taste like, the right texture. 

Tartufina 4Hands $24

Classic truffle pizza with lots of mozarella. Simple but satisfying. The crust was a top draw where you can taste that it is freshly made. 

4 Stagioni 3Hands $20

Pizza but in a form of sandwich. Too much carbo for me but great for carbo lovers. 

Focaccia al Rosmarino 3Hands $15

Italian plain pizza topped with fresh rosemary and garlic. A good side finger food but can be a tad pricey.

Stinco Di Maiale Alla Birra 5hands $38

Prolly the best dish of the night IMO. Both the mash and white cabbage were lovely condiments. That pork knuckle, dapped in beer for two whole days - so different from elsewhere. Don't expect a crispy exterior. It's like a mix of chinese meet western, soft yet slick exterior and meat that slides off the bone.  

Bistecca DI Polipo 2Hands $32

Grilled Octopus Steak with sauteed spinach. Two slabs of octopus which tasted too much for one to handle. Unique but didn't go down well with my palate. 

Ravoli di Ricotta 4Hands $22

Handmade ravoli. The fresh tomato sauce was a tad salty but comlimented well with the ravioli. Cut half the ravoli, mix well with the sauce. Delicious. 

overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. So that was it, a unique bar and restuant expereince. You don't usually find a mix of Italian food and booze but Ciao@ provides the best of both. Dine in with some good pizza, pasta or that very good kunckle with some wine. 

8 Haji Lane #01-01
Singapore 189201
nearby mrt: bugis

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