Masizzim @ Somerset 313

From the same folks who brought you Chir Chir, Masizzim Singapore is Somerset313's latest addition to the Korean food craze. 

With hearty portions and loads of wonderful flavours, Masizzim distinguishes itself by serving famous Korean stews and other Korean dishes. 

What to eat at Masizzim ? Here's what we had.

Sikhye Jar (4Hands) $9.50 

Brewed malt barely and rice. A sweet drink yet thirst quenching, in house made and very fresh. Similar to the can malt barley drink you find everywhere in Korea. 

Rice Balls $8

Anchovy (4Hands)

Tuna (3Hands)

Served in a bowl, you are encouraged to wear gloves and play with your food. Mix up the ingredients and roll them into balls, or any shapes you wish. 

Personally, I favoured the anchovy rice balls to the tuna. You get different textures on the anchovy rice balls, the crush of the fish, the rice grains and the flavours mix every well together. Tuna was still good but i preferred that crush feel with every bite for the anchovy.

The stews 

Beef Rib (Single $18, Double $32) 4Hands

Pork Rib (Single $16, Double $29) 5Hands

Spicy Chicken (Single $16, Double $29) 4Hands

Well, as everyone had different opinions on the stews, personally I liked the pork one alot. Rich in flavours and the meat of the pork came of easily. The curry chicken and beef stew were good too, just that i preferred the pork more. Let me know which stew you guys liked.


Tomato Cheese Kimchi Pancake 3Hands $13

Looked like a pizza and tasted like a pizza. It confused me and I went away wanting for something else. Nonetheless, if you're a fan of cheese, this beef stuff pizza would delight you.

Squid and Leek 4Hands $14

My other favourite dish of the night - this squid and leek pancake is rightly crusted all over and the flavor was spot on. Cut out a piece, dip it with the in house sauce and you'll feel the different textures in every bite. I loved it.

overllreview: shauneeie4hands. So the boys from Chir Chir have done it again. Was impressed most by the stews and that squid and leek pancake. Overall, Masizzim is quite affordable and serves up great tasting dishes. Another round of Korean craze ?

313 Somerset
Singapore 238895
nearby mrt: somerset

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