CATO @ South Bridge Road

This new modern asian bar cum restaurant has recently landed on South Bridge Road near Chinatown. Known as CATO, this place serves up a mix of good tap and draft beers as well as finger foods which were a real treat. 

Occupying two levels, and a DJ on the second floor,  CATO oozed food and music.

So what did we have at CATO?
Let me introduce to you some drinks first.

With a wide selection of almost 60 different types of alcohol, I gave some of the recommended beers a try. Loved that IPA tapped and the Modern Times coffee stout.   

Time for the food

Prawn Bisque 3Hands

A good starter to warm your stomach. Found the prawn bisque creamy and flavourful. 

Garlic Fries 3Hands

If you're a garlic fan, you would love this dish. Chucks of garlic spread over hot pipping fries. A good pairing for the assortment of beers at CATO.

Acai Cured Salmon 3Hands

Said to be a superfood, Acai used to cure salmon chunks. Presented like a fine dining course, i take it a a bonus. It tasted somewhat weird, prolly not used to the flavours. 

Crispy Squid in Thai-Style Glaze 5Hands

Very well fried. Looks ordinary but tasted really good. Complimented well especially with the stout coffee, i would recommend this dish to everyone who's dining here.

CATO Wings 3Hands

Wings wings and more wings. Ordinary.

Steam baked pork cheek 4Hands

Served wrapped up in a bag. As you unravel the pork cheeks, that fragrant aroma lingers out from the top. Coupled with the pinch of playfulness in the dish, it was awesome. Pork was tender and not too tough, the sauce complimenting well with the whole dish.

Aunty Jasmine's Fish Curry 4Hands

Plating was on point once again. Using Aunty Jasmine's recipe, a curry is brothed and served with the fish. You can choose to pour it over or dip it into the sauce. The table loved that fish.

Done with the mains and starters, time for some desserts. 

overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. Loved the array of beers available. Mains were great accompaniment for the sides and particularly loved that crispy squid. A great place to chill after work with the live DJ mixing really good mixes.

237 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058768
nearby mrt: tanjong pagar, chinatown

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