Joyden Treasures @ Kallang Leisure Park

Joyden welcomes the third addition to its family - Joyden treasures at Kallang Leisure Park. This time round, Joyden treasures is all about home cook flavours.

What did we have at Joyden ?

Double boiled seafood soup in old cucumber 3Hands

This wholesome soup is made of a broth of dried scallops, fish maw and mushrooms, encased in a hollowed old cucumber. Double boiled to extract all the natural flavours of the ingredients, the soup is served with a small dumpling at the bottom. Great on a cold day.

Phoenix beancurd prawn roll 3Hands

Chopped prawns, salted eggs, century eggs and cilantro stuffed between beancurd skins. Was told that it was a popular snack back in the old days.

Steamed Red Grouper in homemade Soy Bean Broth 4Hands

I must say it was indeed a surprise, who would have thought, fish and soy bean? Well it won me over. The soy milk penetrates into the fish, making it silky and giving the fish a flavor like no other.

Crispy Fragrant duck with lotus shaped buns 4Hands

A Joyden’s family recipe, this crispy duck is immersed and cooked with herbs and spices before getting a deep fried bath for its crisp exterior. When served, the exterior feels crisp and when you dig into the meat, the duck pulls apart pretty well. Accompanied with a tray of man tous, diners have a choice to have the duck with a bun or by itself.

Jumbo Prawns in traditional dark sauce 4Hands

One of Joyden’s family signatures – jumbo prawns with dark sauce. A well balanced, aromatic sesame dark sauce bathes together with huge prawns, deep fried and served. A tad sweet, a little salty which goes well with the fresh prawns. I’d recommend a bowl of rice to go with this dish. Absolutely divine.   

Traditional Salt Baked Crab 3Hands

A blend of different salts, herbs and spices are used to cover a whole crab. The crab is then baked for 30mins before being chopped up and served. A very unique take to crabs – I heard of salt baked chickens but not crabs before. Innovative but I would rather have my chili or pepper crab any day.

Traditional Yam Puree (Orh Nee) 4Hands

A refine take on the Teochew Orh Nee. Very silky and delicious. One of the better versions around.

overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. So Joyden has done it again with another chinese concept. Diners will have an additional selection around Kallang Leisure Park. Good authentic local favourites.  

Joyden Treasures
#02-42 Kallang Leisure Park
5 Stadium Walk
Singapore 397693
nearby mrt: stadium

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