HICJUICE - Organic, Cold Pressed Juice

Starting the year right with some juice detox with HICJUICE. Thanks to HICJUICE, I got to complete a 3 day juice cleanse which practically cleared up my system. 

How does it work ?

You either find them online or at your shops at Sunte and Raffles City. What I was impressed with was the information provided on what you should do before your cleanse, during your cleanse and after it.

Being a first timer, I took the 3 day reboot cleanse which comes with 6 juices a day. Delivered in a very handy takeaway bag, you can bring your juices to office or school.

How did I feel ?

The cleanse worked pretty well. While I was a tad hungry at times during the 3 days, the bottled juices practically were my only diet. Loving the morning juice shakes while disliking some evening flavours that tasted like raw vegetables. Nevertheless, I downed all 18 bottles. 

Now, the 3 days are over and I really liked the challenge. I did lose some weight but very negligble. A pity I did not accept the 5 or 7 days one.

Thinking of attempting a juice detox? HICJUICE might be the one for you.