Red House Seafood @ Prinsep Stret

One of the famous seafood resturants that first made its mark along the seafood belt along East Coast Beach - Red House Seafood has opened an outlet along the popular Prinsep Street. 

This lunar new year in 2016, Red House Seafood will be rolling out a Reunion Takeaway Tiffin Set. We got a taste of what to expect.

Lovely ain't it? More below on the Chinese New Year selections at Red House.

The Braised Pork Belly disintergrates at the slightest forked. Tender and practically melts in your mouth. 

Much love also to this Lotus Leaf Steamed Wrapped Fried Rice. Very fragrant and will be a hearty end to a good meal.

Not as picture worthy as the rest but this stewed ginseng chicken had flavours that were spot on. Try those cabbages which have absorbed all the rich flavours. You think they are good for their seafood? Red House's meat selections are just as good.

Still deciding on where to dine during this lunar new year? You might want to have a reunion be it takeaway or dine in here at Red House Seafood.

Red House Seafood
68 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188661


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