Fuel Plus+ @ Morse Road - Aesthetically on point Cafe for the instagrammers

From the folks who brought you refuel cafe, Fuel plus+ opens at Morse Road near Vivocity with an interior as good as those you can find in aussie.

Fuel plus+ is situated in between Harbourfront station and Telok Blangah station, but if you were to ask me, it's easier to walk from telok blangah. You have to walk pass Shell and into a lane where Fragrance Hotel is, an adventure of sorts.

A menu which comprises typical Singapore brunch fare. We decided to have an egg item, a dessert and one main.

The Chicken Stew ($17) was our main. Presented with a couple toasts, it was probably the best of the three dishes. The tomato marinade was perfect, but we felt that the chicken could have been marinated longer. nonetheless, the item was tender and very flavorful

For the breakfast item, we chose Summer Break ($15), essentially toasted croissant accompanied with scrambled eggs, tomatoes and the perfect buttered mushrooms. Same as elsewhere, the croissant couldn't hold up the dish.

What disappointed us most though was the Wicked French toast ($15). Eagerly anticipating how we will enjoy the mix of Nutella, banana and nuts that would come with the dish, it fell very much out of our expectations. The brioche was dry and plain while the scoop of ice cream was icy and didn't match up to the plate. 

The Mocha ($5.50) I had  was great. A good mix and balance of coffee and chocolate which may entice me to come back again. Again, look at that tiled floor! Brings back memories of the interior at Kettle Black.

Here are more shots of Fuel Plus interior.

overallreview: shauneeie3hands. Fuel plus+ for its ulu-ness deserves a visit. Its interior screams out styles of aussie cafes and is definitely a must visit for trendy cafe goers. Food wise, it may be a tad disappointing but I feel that this may improve with a little tweak and adjustment.

Fuel plus+
16 Morse Road 01-207
Singapore 099288
nearby mrt: vivocity, telok blangah
tel: 6352 7680

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