Nobiro Japanese and Sake Bar - The Lost Gem in the West

Nobiro Japanese & Sake Bar is off the beaten track, an escape from the hustle of the city outside. It is an unassuming outfit that garners a steady stream of regulars and new customers. 

Getting to this gem of a place can be a challenge, you could use an adventure exploring the neighbourhood with a light-hearted stroll. Otherwise a car would make your life easier, isn’t?

There’s an extensive list of alcoholic beverages to get you into the spirit of drinking. But you’ll not go wrong with sakes to pair with your dishes. Dassai Junmai Daiginjou 50 ($98.00) is light, complex and aromatic. Seafood such as prawn and sahimi would make great pairings with this option. Kamotsuru Gold Tokusei Kintaku Daiginjou ($33) is smooth and easy to drink, with hints of fruit on the palate. Suntory Premium Draught Beer ($9.00) is bright and bubbly, rich and refreshing with every sip. Not so bad afterall at Nobiro right? here's more! 

For starters, the Sashimi Salad ($16) is a refreshing dish that is made up of mixed sashimi and greens, served with Nori. Wrap the mixed sashimi and greens with the seaweed, and you have a combination of flavours bursting in your mouth.

Calling out to all oyster lovers, here are the dishes that are bound to whet your appetite. Nama Kaki Yonshiki ($20) lets you enjoy these salty, slippery gems in four different ways. For the lightweights, Mushi Nama Kaki ($20) is the steamed version of oysters, with no lack of freshness to keep your appetite going. Fried Nama Kaki ($15) is a dish of lightly coated oysters fried to a crisp. Nobiro definitely takes care of the palates of its customers. 

the fresh

the fried

the steamed

Another must have at Nobira is the Tonpei Yaki ($13). An omelette, served with bacon prawn and shredded cabbage, topped with bonito flakes to finish. For me, this is the perfect comfort food to be paired with beer. 

Fans of beef won't be neglected here at Nobiro. Wagyu Tataki ($45) is a cut above the rest that melts in your mouth. The perfectly seared beef gave way to a soft, buttery texture that doesn’t disappoint. 

What impresses me even more was the Unagi Kabayaki ($25). It might look ordinary, but it surprised me with a melt-in-my-mouth texture. 

Cheese Menchi Katsu ($16) is a dish of juicy beef patties that are oozing with cheese stuffing – perfect for your Instagram moment! Could have been seasoned more we felt.

Still hungry? Nobiro also serves up some delicious yakitori sticks. Go for the Soroban ($3) – a dish of chicken neck that’s soft and juicy with every bite, making you forget that it’s a vital part of a chicken.

overallreview: shauneeie4hands. Thanks to Michele and her team at Nobiro, you can count on an educational and unpretentious experience. The food is designed to be shared, and its extensive menu can range from bite-sized to more hearty meals. It certainly seems like Nobiro is worth the distance travelled after all. Don't judge too fast when you first enter. Nobiro sets itself up as a homely and comfortable experience. 

Nobiro Japanese and Sake Bar 
108 Faber Dr
Singapore 129418
nearby mrt: clementi

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