Pompompurin Café @ Orchard Central - Sanrio's newest cafe too cute not to be missed

Lo and behold. Singapore is the first in Southeast Asia, to open the Pompompurin Café at Orchard Central with much fanfare. Fans will be delighted to immerse themselves in all things Pompompurin, from dishes that are almost too cute to eat, to character-themed merchandise you can take home after a hearty meal, and attentive service from the lovely waitresses. For a weekend ritual, make this cafe the perfect spot for parents to spoil their kids with the famous canine-themed décor. 

Every Pompompurin Café in the world takes on a different theme that’s catered to the likes and culture. For Singapore, the cafe covers an area of 1,900 square feet and it takes on a “Garden City” theme that’s inspired by the tropical climate and the lush greenery. There are four 4-seater booths called “Tomodachi House” (Friends’ House), each featuring one of Purin’s friends: Bagel the Squirrel, Coconut the Monkey, Mint the Frog and Macaroon the Golden Retriever.  

Talk about a menu overloaded with colours and cuteness, we had Pompompurin’s Coconut Milk Chicken Curry ($17.99). It’s a dish made up of chunks of chicken and mild coconut curry, topped off with veggies shaped as hearts, forks, stars and spoons. And, you have an adorable Pompompurin head-shaped rice to make you happy. It’s not spicy, but it tastes somewhat sweet instead. Still, the dish’s cuteness made up for everything!

For drinks, we picked the Cookie & Cream Caramel Latte ($11.99). If you have a sweet tooth, this could be a drink and dessert for you. It’s a sweet and delicious drink, but its rich flavours can be too sweet for my liking.

If you're still itching for more, why not try some cutsie pancakes - Pompompurin banana and caramel pancake, prolly something to cute to even mess it up.

To give your meal a subtle finish, go for Pompompurin Pudding ($9.99). The texture is light, and not overpowering. Drizzle with sweet caramel syrup and your day is complete. Fans of Pompompurrin will be pleased to know that they can take a souvenir home, in the form of a Pompompurin mug. When you order a dish that’s marked with the Pompompurin mug logo, a brand new mug will be presented as a complimentary gift to you at the end of the meal.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the inner child in you and indulge in the irresistibly cuteness of Pompompurin today!

Overall review: shauneeie3.5hands. It’s a café that’s not short of cuteness and kawaii. Kudos to the creator for creating an immersive experience for diners, and a menu that dishes out items that are too cute to eat.

Pompompurin Café
181 Orchard Road
#04-08, Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
nearby mrt: somerset

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